Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Split, Shady Tabloid Reports

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First, Al and Tipper Gore.

Now, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.

Are no relationships safe anymore?!?

According to The National Enquirer, the singer herself has confirmed that she and her 20-year old boyfriend are on a "break." This comes on the heels of reports that say Liam moved out of the mansion he and Cyrus were sharing last month.

The basis for this alleged fight and subsequent break up? Miley was jealous of Hemsworth's rise to fame, while Liam was sick of Miley's parents interfering in their relationship.

Paging Nick Jonas: Miley Cyrus is supposedly single!

An insider close to the situation told The Enquirer: "Miley, her family and all her baggage are too much for [Liam] to handle."

Is this a reputable newspaper? Not typically. But let's remember: it was considered for a Pulitzer Prize as the first source to break the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter scandal. It's been on a truthful roll lately.

If Cyrus and Hemsworth really have split, it shouldn't be too hard for Miley to find a new man. Just look at the way she dresses these days.

** UPDATE: Miley has responded to this rumor: "Just wanna clear up a rumor. Liam and I did not break. EVER! We are so happy and a lot of that has to do with the amazing relationship he has with my family."


@ Delores Dawn Fulton do you realize how stupid and immature you sound saying she's grown up. I agree with miley-hater.


I hate all this gossip kaka, because he says/she says alot of B.S. it's all just rumors anyway, now if they were married and still f**ked someone else. That's the only gossip I want to hear about..............


@Delores Dawn Fulton.
she hasn't grown up. she can't purchase alcohol. she can't fight for her country. she can't even vote. legally, she's a minor. a CHILD. children shouldn't be allowed to prance around pants less, showing their crotches internationally. she has no talent. have you heard her live? kidding me, right? it's not name calling if it's true, sweetie. stick up for your slut all you want. thg hates her, and so do we. no one is jealous of this skanky wanna-be. at least, i'm not.


Was never going to work anway... two VERY different people... No offence but I'm an aussie and there is NO WAY I could handle Miley Cyrus! Can't deal with people like that... And I know your all gunna hate but oh well.


Miley has grown-up, people. Deal with it. She has grown into a young woman with extraordinary talent. Name calling just exposes the person doing it as to what they apparently are. Get over it, little girl. Jealousy is not an attractive attribute and always makes you look really stupid.


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! miley cyrus breaking up with liam hemsworth that making me happy liam says miley breaking up with me make me sick hi miley that breakn up is alsome why just cheer up miley we go to brahames when pokemon! the movie filming makeing song of when my ship comes in on same movie we just filmied.




i think when she made a song about nick jonaes that would do it that's good for her


Wow, what the heck is with the Hate comments? If they did break up, theyre both going through something really hard, after all it seemed they were VERY close. Just let it go, would you like it if someone constantly kept telling you that your BF broke up with you because you're a slut, you would probably get all mad and Hurt(Because they will most likely be Lies) If you broke up with your long term guy friend u'd probably stay inside for a few days until u calm down. but Mi has to go out and act likes shes fine and all happy.. Just stop dissing her, its like you dissing a friend, just shut-up Mi mite see these comments and she doesnt need someone Bitching @ her. Don't worry Mi whatever happens is for the Best, and God will be there for you, in EVERYTHING you do, God Bless!


Cheap whorish-looking girls can always find a man. But they generally get the men they deserve.

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