Miley Cyrus: All About Love, Britney Spears Comparisons

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In her feud with Perez Hilton, we became sick to our stomach actually defending Miley Cyrus and referring to her as "mature."

Now, though, things are back to normal for THG: the self-absorbed singer has gone out and made us nauseous for reasons based around her obnoxious personality.

Asked about her new tattoo, Miley explained to E! News:

There's so much negativity in the world and what you only need to hear is all the love. People try to say to me, ‘I just heard someone say this or that about you,' and I just ignore it because it's irrelevant. Love is what makes the world go around, and that's all we need to focus on.

Wow, what an inspiration! In case that overwrought quote isn't enough to make you lose your lunch, don't worry: there's more!

Below, Miley compares herself to Britney Spears and doesn't let two syllables go by without uttering some some hollow cliche she likely read off a Hallmark card five minutes before the interview was taped:

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Does everybody forget that Britney Spears was on the Mickey Mouse Club as a kid? All teenagers grow up differently and are trying to find a look for themselves. Miley is just trying to grow up. I think that her older fans would never dress like that and the younger fans have parents to keep them from dressing like her. Plus she's not that risky of dresser in public just on stage. She will eventually figure out like most teenagers do, that dressing like that only gets you negative attention.


my stomach hurts from laughing at the comment from aryan angel, thats fucking hilariouus.
and i agreeee:]
eww shes so ugly and needs to shut up, wash up you insane litle whore.
wtf is up with all the jewelry.?
cool it "rockstar"
you are no where near comparison to britney and you need to get a reality check, you dont even know what edgy is.


Mileyalltheway... I thought I told you to shut up. Do it. All your posts are just so rediculous. Laughably rediculous. You are so adamant so stick up for this pathetic creature, but your arguement is just flimsy and you're just basically spouting drivel that people don't take seriously. You're an over-obsessed joke. Again. Shut the fuck up.


Miley can't EVER compare her self to Britney. First of all people actually like Britney. Secondly, Britney never used to be on a kid show acting like some innocent, sweet little girl. She always had her attitude. Miley now she just acting sluttish and aiming for an older audience who don't want anything to do with her.


miley shutup. you are such a bad influence to girls everywhere. grow up but do it quietly.


you are not the hannah i use to know i cant belive joe is the father of your baby!!!!!!!!!! STILL CANT BELIVE YOU GIRL[


Will it get you off my back if I'll just say, "@Hilton Hater, you are so right! Making fun of people is awesome – it is okay to mock and hate someone you don't know and because the world is such a twisted place it is also okay to hurt people, physically or emotionally"?
I am done.
I don't give a damn about what you think, or any hater in the world actually.
You wanna hate? Be my guests.
You wanna be bitter all the time? It's fine with me.
As long as I don't ever get to hear you say all of the stupid things you keep saying, you can even go jump off a cliff.
I love Miley Cyrus, and you can't change it.
You hate her, and apparently that can't be changed either.
So basically there is no point to this argument.
So I'll just say one more thing, you haters can GO TO HELL cause Miley Cyrus FREAKING ROCKS!!!!
Peace – I'm out!


i think that every1 is 2 busy worried about what some1 else is doing when they really need 2 be analyzing themselves. People grow up sorry if you all didnt realize. how long does every1 expect miley to play lil miss hannah montana? tha gurl is jus growin up give her a break! DAMN!! haters


@mileyalltheway: Where the heck do you live? First off, there's absolutely no laws against free, critical speech unless one is threatening the life of the President.
Secondly, it sounds like you are confusing what we do with "hate crimes," which involve physically attacking someone with the admitted motive of hating their gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, etc.
You may be brainwashed by Miley and that's fine - but you're murdering your own argument by sounding so naive here. We're a gossip blog that is criticizing Miley for her wardrobe choices and stupid quotes. We have every conceivable right in the country to do that and you're insulting actual, hate crime-related causes by making a comparison. Seriously... where you live "you can't say your opinion if you're hurting someone." What on earth are you talking about?!? Do you reside within a Barney episode?


i saw muchmusic and i saw her dress like a whole and she got an awarded just for that thats ashame that u have to dress like a whole so u can get a awared i think she's a slut and she's heading towards britneys step.