Miley Cyrus: A Colossal Disappointment

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Over the past couple weeks, THG has been harsher than usual when it comes to Miley Cyrus. We've referred to her scantily-clad European performances as pathetic and desperate.

To their credit, Miley fans have stuck up for their gal. They've argued that she isn't acting any differently than past artists who have wanted to reach an older audience by shedding their clothing or grinding with girls.

So, why has THG singled out Cyrus in such a manner? Simply put: because she's wasted an opportunity to be a different kind of role model to young women around the world.

The second we met Britney Spears as a professional singer, she was wearing a Catholic schoolgirl's outfit and singing about sex. She made it clear from day one that she was a provocative artist, one whose lack of true singing ability meant she'd be relying on raunchy acts to remain relevant.

It's similar for Lady GaGa. She's openly admitted that she was a floundering artist until she came up with a unique name and look.

Miley Performance

But Miley is different. Thanks to Hannah Montana, she already has an established fan base of millions. Unlike Britney and GaGa, there's no need for Cyrus to shock and scintillate in order to make headlines and sell albums.

That's what makes this transformation so disappointing. This is a Nashville resident that says she hates pop music. She had an opportunity to sing the kind of songs she actually likes, taking her extremely loyal followers along for the ride. They'll follow her anywhere, so why not take them down an original, creative path, as opposed to this lame, redundant schtick?

In Billboard, Miley says she's "grown up a lot," but wouldn't that have been the grown-up thing to do? To have branched out and actually been her own woman, tackling the kind of singles she claims to believe in?

Instead, Miley Cyrus has become just another generic, booty-shaking, scantily-clad, same-sex kissing act.

Miley's fans defend her by saying to "leave her alone" because she's "only 17." But do these people even listen to the artist herself?

Cyrus has gone to great lengths to talk about her maturity and how profound her music is. She even refers to it as art.

Putting aside how incredibly pompous she often sounds when she makes these statements, Miley clearly has a message when giving interviews and (especially) when wearing certain outfits: I'm not only 17!

It's obvious that Miley would be more offended than anyone when compared to an average teenager. She sees herself as A LOT more than that.

Limo Riding

In the interest of full disclosure, I have a little sister and I was hoping to see Miley as a lot more than that, too. My sister grew up worshiping Hannah Montana. Her room is still adorned with Miley posters.

So, what exactly am I supposed to tell her when she asks why Cyrus "got to first base" with another dancer last week? Should I sit my sister down and explain it was all just a marketing ploy, and, see, Miley didn't actually kiss the girl because that technicality gave her the chance to jump online and thumb her nose at those that dared to accuse her of such an act?

It's depressing that I need to even consider this question. When making her career transformation, Miley had a choice: Be like Taylor Swift or be like Britney. She chose the latter and that's where my disappointment stems from.

I have a feeling many Miley defenders may even join me in the near future. After all, look where Britney is now. If that's Miley in a few years, I'll try my hardest not to say "I told you so."


hmmm...dont know wut to say


I agree with THG. She's being typical. It's almost like she's taking the easy way and just stripping off coz she knows that she's going to get publicity for it. It started with the pathetic photos of her in her knickers, then raunchy pole dancing and "fake" kissing. Next it'll be a sex tape. This girl is screaming for attention. She said it herself, Guys get it easy coz they can wear minimum clothes and get away with it, so instead of working around that, she's gone and done it too. Just like most teenage celebrities. It is not the ONLY way to get famous, Miley, but it sure is the way you've chosen.


Why is she behaving in such a manner.I am no longer her no#1 fan i have always loved you.You now suck go do what ever you want to do i don't care.


I am not disappointed in Miley always felt she was over-rated. It is just interesting to see the type of "artist" someone choose to be... I agree let Miley be who she wants. I think it is amazing that the
Taylor Swift's(of which there are few) have the guts and confidence to be natural and clothed ... If a female performs and she is not in some form of underwear it is rare. Funny thing most men would rather have a little left to imagine!


Miley herself has said this will be her last album for a while...she wants to focus on movies and acting. If I had to choose I'd rather watch her act than try to sing. I don't "hate" the girl, I don't even think she should have to fit within anyone elses expectations..even her fans. What she wants to do with her career/path is her business. But for GOD SAKE girl, take some singing lessons and get some conviction as the "artist" you say you are. The fake kissing is is taking yourself too seriously.


The only time I have ever seen her perform was on Idol and I was not at all impressed with her singing ability. This should explain the rest. Who cares, just another train wreck waiting to happen.


Two things make me laugh... 1. That anyone is surprised she chose to 'grow up' by stripping down, and 2. That anyone cares.


@Erica: You've obviously not been to any of the Supergirl's concerts lately. Cause one thing she ISN'T lacking for sure---is FAN'S...You might want to do some 'Homework' before you go speaking on things that you obviously don't know. Point of fact---I'm heading to see Miley at the Nashville-Rising Flood-relief benefit concert on June 22nd. I'll enjoy the other stars too,but---I'm mainly going to help the cause,and---to see Miley sing and perform. And I happen to know of many more who are going for the same reasons...So---stop blindly siding with losers and learn how to think for YOURSELF,cause it appears that you need a little work in that department. Later;Hollwyood---out.


Sorry, they "should not"


I agree with Kevin. I think some fans like miley for the stuff she's actually been doing lately, like they like her new music and outfits and stuff, and some fans just like her because they're defensive, and committed to being loyal, for the sake of being loyal. if you really like her new stuff, then fine, be a fan. She definately is lacking fans these days, so she'd appreciate the support. But if you're just defending her here because she's your "homegirl"... then that's a bit sad. you don't have to become a miley-hater like THG, but you don't need to be a die-hard fan if her new attitude doesn't actually thrill you. I'm mostly worried about the young girls who are super extream miley fans, and feel like it's unloyal to dislike her new attitude. they should let "loyalty" govern who they want to be their role models, they should really pay attention the the star's actions and then dicide for themself if they still idolize her.


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