Michelle McGee: Nazi Pics Aren't Racist!

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Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is still talking. She's still sounding inane and trying to get attention. If you're still interested, read on and hear what she said.

Jesse James' mistress is defending recently unearthed photos of herself wearing Nazi regalia, saying "I don't believe it's racism at all. Anti-Semitism? Yes."

The Bombshell

"If that was the intention of putting the costume on."

Toronto TV program etalk interviewer Elaine Lui pointed out that Anti-Semitism is racism. McGee said: "That's your view on that. I don't see it that way."

Okay then.

The pictures in question were followed by a similarly absurd Jesse James Nazi photo. He said on Nightline it "makes me really sad" to be called a racist.

Michelle McGee: Not racist. Just anti-Semitic.

Having not exhausted her daily quota of ridiculous comments, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee also believes she did Sandra Bullock a favor by boning James.

"In a twisted type of way," she opines, "I guess Sandra should be thankful that I did come forward and let her know that her husband did cheat on her."

The controversial model/stripper was in town to promote infidelity in a commercial for Ashley Madison, an online dating service for those in relationships.

"I have two beautiful boys to take care of, I'm a single mom," she said of making money from the pro-adultery site. "So yeah, I have profited off of this."

No kidding.

"It's my first priority to take care of my kids, to make sure they have a roof over their heads and food. I will do what it takes to support my children."

They have a great role model, that's for sure.


She's fuckin hot I'd hit it and give her another kid!


you look like an intelligent person michelle, why open your mouth and ruin the effect?...oh i see, you see a man and automatically drop to your knees and open your mouth,then he see's your tatoo's...just say "hey bitch, look at all them tatoo's. thats it, mouth wide open, legs spread wide...then say it...i'm a role model, i do it for my kids....I have more respect for Monica Lewinsky...hell she did it and said there's little white spots on my dress..boohoo!...............you are what you are...and now you can't hide it, EVER.


So she sleeps with a married man to make money to support her two 'beautiful little boys'...that's Class. A great role model indeed!


I hate that this girl gets any attention at all. She sleeps with a married man, and is getting rewarded for it.


Michelle McGee is a whore - racist and obviously brainless if she thinks anti-Semitism is not racist. Her children should be removed from her care. PS - I am NOT Jewish (Roman Catholic, actually)


Okay, let's face it, we're all sick of hearing about her. Yes, you had sex with Jesse, and yes, it was his fault as well, and NO you didn't do Sandra a favor, so let's move on. Having Nazi tattoos, taking racist pictures and dancing naked is not doing "anything" for your kid. It's the easy way out and as a single mom, I find your behavior totally appalling! Put some clothes on, shut your mouth and move on with your life. No one cares


the bitch needs to GO, worse that paris hilton
haha she makes briteny spears look more classy


ughhh she's so messed up if she thinks Sandra should be in any way grateful!


And butt scores again!


She is a Slut. She acts as if she was also a victim. She is nothing more than a homewrecker. She has no excuse for her part in the entire affair. A Tramp period.


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