Mercede Johnston Going Rogue with Anti-Palin Blog

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Not even 72 hours after reports surfaced about Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston getting back together, his sister Mercede has debuted her official site.

It could draw the wrath of Sarah Palin and brood, too - Mercede Johnston's new blog pledges to "answer all questions related to the Palin family."

One of her claims? Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston planned to conceive Tripp, the 18-month-old son they've spent much of the last year fighting over.

It was widely assumed this was an accident, but "During that time period, she and Levi were sexually active and trying to conceive," Mercede writes.

"As hard as it is for many of you to believe, they were indeed TRYING. Also there were rumors circulating around that she was already pregnant."

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston

Levi and Mercede Johnston in simpler times.

We're not sure what she means by that exactly, but a source close to both Bristol and Levi says that Mercede's shocking claims are totally false.

The source also claimed that Mercede's blog is being backed by well-known Sarah Palin hater, Jesse Griffin of "The Immoral Minority" blog fame.

"Mercede was put up by Jesse Griffin to do this blog," the insider said. "He is a Palin hater and is most likely behind all of these comments."

"Levi would never comment on something like this and neither would Bristol. Mercede's claims have been contradicted by [Levi's] statements."

After an acrimonious and very public break-up, Bristol and Levi have mended their turbulent, icy relationship and recently got back together.

We'll see if that lasts after Mercede apparently decided to turn on them both for reasons unknown. What the heck is wrong with these people?!


ozymandias rising Said: " Johnston has a long way to go before anyone will regard anything she or any Johnston writes as credible. Her family is hardly an exemplar of solid family life and high personal values..." Oh, really? Actually, there are quite a few who regard her as not only credible, but articulate and intelligent. If you take your quote and substitute "Palin" for "Johnston," it makes a lot more sense. There will be a number of books from reputable journalists coming out in the coming months that will expose many truths about Sarah Palin. Then talk to us about "solid family life and high personal values."


Mercede Johnston has a long way to go before anyone will regard anything she or any Johnston writes as credible. Her family is hardly an exemplar of solid family life and high personal values...given their track record and legal problems, Levi's dead beat Dad behaviors, the drug issues of the Mother, they would all do well to try to develop some sense of dignity and keep their mouths shut. I am no Palin fan but Mercede is simply following in the disreptutable family tradition by flapping her jaw, looking to make a buck the easy way. This will not last long...that loud laughing is America discovering yet another blatant media mongerer...flapping her obnoxious bum in the breeze.


Mercede Johnston isgoing rogue -- she's no longer silent and she's telling what happened to her family because of Sarah Palin's candidacy. It's not an "anti-Palin" blog. Can you point to even one instance of "Sarah bashing"? This blog is about her own family, and if her family was impacted by Sarah Palin's shenanigans, then that's what you'll read. Her family's lives were turned upside-down by the McCain Campaign and Sarah Palin through no fault of theirs. Mercede Johnston has every right to write about it. Sarah Palin is such a petty, small-minded person -- how anyone could consider her Presidential material is beyond me. If she reacts by sending out her flying monkeys over a young woman's personal blog, imagine how she'd react if she felt slighted by some head of state. Keep her away from the red phone -- far, far away!


Why do you call Mercede's blog a 'Palin-hater' blog??? She is simply answering questions people have had for years - and not just questions about the Palins, but about HER family as well. She is NOT bashing the Palins - she is telling things as she sees them - w/o having to be 'politically correct'.
Leave her be. If you don't like to read about what she has to say, don't read her blog. Simple as that! Also, the Immoralminority blog is also NOT a Palin-bashing blog! It is a blog about all things the blogger deems interesting. He brings up Oil, Obama, politics in Alaska, and - yes- Palin and her lies and smirks. Nothing wrong with that. Not everybody is enamored with Palin and her divisiveness. Not everybody buys wholesale into her deceptions. There are actually some people out there that have their eyes open and can see what she is doing!


First, Mercede said, "I will answer your questions." She did not say, "I will answer your questions about the Palins." To that end, she has answered a number of questions that had to do with her family, and only her family. Second, your statement, "We'll see if that lasts after Mercede apparently decided to turn on them both for reasons unknown," is disingenuous. There is no truth to this. You are trying to make up news instead of reporting it objectively. So, uh, do you work for Fox News? If not, you should apply.


Why bash Mercede? She is an innocent victim in all of this and is trying to set the record straight on what she knows and doesn't know. I am glad she is not backing down, she is the first to stand up to the Palins. Leave the girl alone....


I'm pretty much over any stories involving anything Palin. Right as the country was spiraling into a recession all Sarah Palin could talk about was her slutty daughter and hockey moms. The sooner we quit talking about them hopefully the sooner they will go away.


these people are just like you....lemme guess, now that levi is raising his child with are supporting them??? lolol....what a bunch of crazy people, at least Pigez is consistent with his hateful guys are so wishy washy, you never know...literaly, YOU never know

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