Mercede Johnston Going Rogue with Anti-Palin Blog

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Not even 72 hours after reports surfaced about Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston getting back together, his sister Mercede has debuted her official site.

It could draw the wrath of Sarah Palin and brood, too - Mercede Johnston's new blog pledges to "answer all questions related to the Palin family."

One of her claims? Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston planned to conceive Tripp, the 18-month-old son they've spent much of the last year fighting over.

It was widely assumed this was an accident, but "During that time period, she and Levi were sexually active and trying to conceive," Mercede writes.

"As hard as it is for many of you to believe, they were indeed TRYING. Also there were rumors circulating around that she was already pregnant."

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston

Levi and Mercede Johnston in simpler times.

We're not sure what she means by that exactly, but a source close to both Bristol and Levi says that Mercede's shocking claims are totally false.

The source also claimed that Mercede's blog is being backed by well-known Sarah Palin hater, Jesse Griffin of "The Immoral Minority" blog fame.

"Mercede was put up by Jesse Griffin to do this blog," the insider said. "He is a Palin hater and is most likely behind all of these comments."

"Levi would never comment on something like this and neither would Bristol. Mercede's claims have been contradicted by [Levi's] statements."

After an acrimonious and very public break-up, Bristol and Levi have mended their turbulent, icy relationship and recently got back together.

We'll see if that lasts after Mercede apparently decided to turn on them both for reasons unknown. What the heck is wrong with these people?!


Unbelievable, that' s unerringly what I was seeking because of! You principled saved me alot of work


It looks like someone is scared of the information I am putting out here... Little Miss Johnston has only herself to blame for leaving her dirty tracks behind for others like myself to sniff out. I want everyone to google her name and look for pictures and then tell me If the Palin's were right to be embarrassed about her antics.


First off Amanda, Alsaka is not a boring place. And the Palin Myth is easy to start in a place like this because so few people actually live here. SHe couldnt of "happened"in Bakersfield. And Levi was right, she is a liar. How's that? I'm here and its obvious.


Davis, PROVE that Johnston was put up to blog by anti Palin people. Citations, preferably FactCheck, AP, Reuters, PolitiFact or Anchorage Daily News, local Wasilla paper, etc. Palin is the one who called attention to blog in first place, not Johnston. If Palin didn't do her usual schtick, which is whine/play victim in order to keep her name in press, nobody would have known. Either come heavy or not at all!


Trigg is Bristol's child, not Sarah Palin's. As I always say, Palin is nothing but a liar and an idiot!


What's wrong with these people? Alaska is a boring place, so goofy people pass their time by fighting and arguing. It's their only excitement.


That may be true but that still doesn't disprove the fact that she got help from Jesse Griffin a Trig Truther who thinks that Trig isn't Palin's son and Dennis Zaki who on a daily basis reported false stories about the Palin's on his blog. They both promoted the falsehood that the Palin's were getting divorced. Who do you think their source was for that rumor? You guessed it... Mercede Johnston Google Dennis Zaki and Iceburg, On a daily basis this loser claimed that he had a "big bad story" on Palin's that never panned out. Dennis even shot video of the lady coming out of a courtroom.. Connect the dots my friends.


That's not your call to make... She thought she was qualified so she accepted the nomination now why are you side stepping my initial agreement? I think the president unqualified for the presidency but he obviously think he is qualified so he ran for office. Don't you think the president is being self-serving by using the crisis in the gulf to promote his agenda?


Actually, you're supposed to think of your country before you accept the VP nomination. If your only qualification is being an arguably attractive woman while being totally unprepared, uninformed, uneducated, and inexperienced, then you owe it to the country to decline the obviously self-serving offer by McCain to "re-energize" his campaign. Palin's complete inexperience, blatant pettiness, and blinding ignorance is a national security threat as well as a national disgrace.


OMG, The lady is so evil because she accepted the VP slot! You are suppose to think about other people before you accept a VP nomination! People like your non relatives like Mercedes and Levi my goodness! How dare she make a decision without getting approval from people who aren't even remotely related to her? THE OUTRAGE! Let me tell you folks a little bit about these blogs. They hire people to stalk the family in AK... They claim that Palin isn't really Trig's mother. If you don't believe me please visit them and get back to me. Bottom Line: You embarrassed yourselves and no one else did it for you. Palin didn't tell MS Johnson to sell drugs while she was running for VP. Palin never told your friends to leak nasty stuff about you to the local rags.

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