LuAnn de Lesseps: Done with The Real Housewives of New York City?

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The Real Housewives are dropping like flies. Rich, spoiled, self-centered flies.

Dina Manzo exited the New Jersey version of this Bravo series a couple weeks ago, while Bethenny Frankel has made it clear she prefers her own show to The Real Housewives of New York City.

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Might LuAnn de Lesseps be the next to go? It's possible, says this Countess.

“We haven’t been asked back yet. Let’s see if the show is renewed for another season and then we’ll see,” she told People magazine. "I’m going to cross that bridge when I get to it.”

If the reality TV career of de Lesseps has come to an end, don't cry for her.

Following the painful release of her single, “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” the Countess has signed a deal with Ultra Records and is working on a new song, “Chic, C’est La Vie." She'd also love to model again.

“I would love, of course, to be the new face of Arden. Just putting it out there, just in case.”


You are one of the classiest housewives. You're kids are so cute and well behaved. You are beautiful and have great style. The NJ housewives really need to read your manners book. Good luck and take care.


In reference to the first comment I am confused why the individual typed "Jewish American Princess" in parenthesis. Ms. de Lesseps is not Jewish. Now, if your goal was to post a comment about the way in which you feel Jews act, then this is certainly not the sight for you. I am sure that there are many anti-semantic web pages for you to share your clearly uninformed and ignorant views about the world. At the very least, I think that if you are going to share your thoughts about a particular group, have the courage to actually state what your feelings instead of placing it in some conspicuous sub-texts such as parenthesis.


I think that LuAnn de Lesseps is a good girl amoung those Housewives of New York(Jewish American Princesses) Since all sitcoms such as Friends and Beverly Hill 90210 has bad and good girls and boys!


er, madonna uses autotune too folks ..
are you a moron?
i have a bridge to sell ya'


love ya' countess 'lulu ...
bethenny frankel jealous of you because she's ugly & you are GORGE' !
does jason's boyfriend work at bravo? ...LMAO
she looks like a desperate plastic insect screamin' in your face while you handled yourself with composure & common courtesy
( a snake???!!! is she insane ? ) ..
you wooped her ass with class ...
she'll never live that down it's on tape


I admire you Luann, you are an excellent example for women who have been publicly humiliated by their mates and stayed both relevant and beautiful. And good for your new music contract too- even if you aren't Mariah. "If oy staht feelin’ joolaree, you might be feelin’ somethin’ good laytah". The above, an "eewww" provoking statement to her husband by Jill Z regarding his over indulgence of this materialistic and greedy woman. This is the person Luann has to stay far away from though if Jill does not survive the cut, and most think she will not, then Luann is home free.


I'm surprised that people continue to blame LuAnn for encouraging the rift between Jill and Bethenny. Jill has admitted she orchestrated the whole fight to discredit Bethenny. The whole Bobby was cut ear-to-ear and Bethenny didn't care was all Jill's BS. Jill sucked LuAnn into all of that with a bunch of lies. LuAnn can be a bit passive-agressive, but she's certainly not to blame for Jill's hatefullness.


She needs the money, if they don't ask she will be begging on hands and knees to Andy for a return. That is the only reason she was so quiet at the reunion, she needs to return. She needs public opinion to be on her side, that is why there was no help from her to Jill, more people hating Jill meant less people hating the Countess.


enufofcountless: You NAILED it! I kept waiting for Andy to put her feet to the fire, or at least one of the other housewives to, but she got a pass and I don't know why. She was the real snake who got in between Jill and Bethanny.


Someone should tell LuAnn not to give up her "day job" so easily. I don't think Madonna is worried about LuAnn as musical competition and I don't think Giselle is worried about LuAnn as model competition...that doesn't leave much for a 40 something has-been. She isn't that great looking, her voice simply isn't and she is really an unpleasant gossip. She created all kinds of nastiness behind her castmates backs together with her buddy Jill. Unfortunately at the reunion Andy didn't choose to point out all the ugly stuff that came out of her mouth during season 3. She'd better hang on to RHONY as I don't think there's much else out there for her.