Leave Lady Gaga Alone!

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Can't a rumored hermaphrodite just watch a ballgame in peace?

Apparently, Lady Gaga decided to check out the Mets game Thursday in New York, which is cool, since she's from New York, and celebrities go to games a lot.

Lady Gaga on GMA

They usually get good seats, too, and because of that and merely being celebrities, are often photographed. It's just sort of what happens in that situation.

Well, apparently Lady Gaga of all people is not keen on this.

When she showed up in her traditional costume, the "Alejeandro" singer took issue with people photographing her and had to be moved to a luxury suite.

There, she continued to flip off the photographers.

Wait ... Lady Gaga doesn't want her photo taken?

We love the girl, but call us crazy here - when has Lady Gaga ever not clamored for attention? It's part of her act. You can't just turn it on and off at will.

Showing up to a game in full "Telephone" garb is not exactly inconspicuous either. Did she really expect any different as one of the top stars in music?

If there's any silver lining here for Gaga, it's that Kristen Stewart wins for worst paparazzi attack of the year ... even though hers was strictly verbal.


What's so fucking wrong she raises that stupid finger! i don't believe in that either! LEAVE LADY GAGA ALONE! People can go through life as they want!!! LADY GAGA'S MY ROLE MODEL!!! KEEP IT UP GIRL! PS: With "role model" I'm not saying I'm doing things like her or I dress up like she does kay? :)


you need help 4 real


who decided she was a lady


Leave Lady Gaga alone. You're lucky she even performed for you bastards.


Nada Lady Gagme sez: "I guess I'm just a Bronx cheer kind of girl." Well I'm a Bronx cheer kinda guy you stupid s lut! As soon as the rest of the koolaid drinkin dopes figure out that you're nothing but a flash hound - with each new episode designed for max exposure - they will finally see what I see and lose interest. So now I'm waving to you Beotch Gagme. Guess which finger.


The lady is awesome and she was just in the mood to flip some ppl off, other celebs have done much worse... i think we can let this one slide


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