Laptop Reveals Simon Monjack Baby Mama Drama

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The late Simon Monjack was, by all accounts, a shady individual with his fare share of detractors - the list of which is sure to grow with the following revelation.

A laptop has unearthed a secret Brittany Murphy's husband carried to his grave when he suddenly passed away last month. Two secrets, to be more accurate.

Kids. Illegitimate ones. With different women.

Simon's mother, brother and therapist stayed at his home last week with Brittany Murphy's mom, Sharon Murphy, who had been living with Brittany and Simon. 

When they left, they took Simon's laptop. At some point, they went through it and found emails from two women wanting money from Simon for child support.

According to TMZ, citing people who have reviewed the emails on Simon's computer, Con-Jack had a son with one baby mama and a daughter by another. Wow.

Wife and Husband

BAD SEED: Simon Monjack was a shady man indeed.

He was really living up to his seedy reputation. Also in the computer were wire transfers of large amounts of money - as much as $48,000 in a single transfer.

Simon, who our readers decried and lambasted from day one, was sending the money to lawyers, as well as someone in Europe for some sort of settlement.

Reports say the family of Simon Monjack felt the coroner should have the laptop and handed it over. The coroner's office is currently reviewing the contents.

Oh, and Sharon Murphy apparently went ballistic and filed a theft report with the local police, adding another interesting twist to this already bizarre saga.

Brittany Murphy died after suffering cardiac arrest in December.

What else was he hiding? Did Brittany Murphy know about Simon's children? Was he siphoning her money to pay their child support? We may never know.


How inspirational. Scary thing is, I can tltloay see a resemblance to Poppa Collins. And nobody NOBODY deserves that chin.


When you're married , unless you have a prenup(these two don't seem smart enough for that) estate goes to the spouse.


This is a very unfortuate tragedy for Sharon Murphy. First, she loses Brittany(that's too much in my book), then her son in law. Now she is learning he is not what he appears to be. She lets his family stay with her during this time and takes of all things a laptop with information they don't want her to see. Yes, if those kids are his, ONLY his estate is responsible to support these kids, but Brittany's estate should remain with her mother. They need to prove first that they are indeed his kids, and only take out of what was his estate and leave Brittany's estate alone and not take from hers. Just my opinion and whatever the law allows in this manner, which is a triple tragedy at best.


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Wife and Husband
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