Kristin Cavallari: Dating Miguel Medina!

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She's dated a number of high-profile fellas, but Kristin Cavallari revealed this morning that she's dating Miguel Medina, a cameraman from The Hills.

"That's not part of the show," Cavallari said when asked about Medina. "Yeah, I'm currently dating [Miguel] and that all I'm going to say about that."

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So basically, Miguel Medina's job is to film The Hills, which features his girlfriend pretending to date other guys. Hey, whatever pays the mortgage.

Hooking up came naturally, she explained.

"Well, when you're together all the time, you're close, and it just sorta happens," Kristin Cavallari told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show earlier today.

The Hills cameraman Miguel Medina gets to stare at Kristin Cavallari all day and gets paid for it. The same is true for our interns, to a lesser extent. Could be worse.

The reality star's former loves include Stephen Colletti, Matt Leinart and Brody Jenner. She also pretended to date that tool Justin-Bobby for a bit.

Along with Stephanie Pratt, Jenner and Hills creator Adam DiVello, Cavallari hyped the 100th episode, airing tonight, plus the series finale July 13.

"Everybody's kind of coming at peace with their stories we've been following," DiVello said. "A few definitely found what they were looking for."

DiVello also said that while they won't be partaking in the bogus drama, the after-show will feature former stars Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port.


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