Kristen Stewart: I'm Awesome at Sex!

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By her own admission, Kristen Stewart is awkward in front of the press.

But there's one place where the actress says she's always been comfortable: IN BED!

In a new interview with Parade, Stewart was asked about Bella's embarrassment in a certain Eclipse scene. She replied:

“I guess a lot of girls... don’t need that lecture. I probably had that moment. I guess that everybody does. But I knew everything, from the word go. I was really mature, that way. So, I never really had ‘the talk.’ I didn’t need it."

Somewhere, Robert Pattinson is nodding in agreement. And his friends are offering him a steady stream of fist pounds.

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As for understanding Bella, Stewart said both she and the character that has made her famous are similar in their straightforward approaches to life.

“I’ve always said that I’m not ashamed of anything that I say because I’m always being honest, even though you can definitely make mistakes. That’s Bella in a nutshell, so I can completely relate to her. I think it’s a good thing to be proud of who you are, no matter what."

Both Stewart's honesty and her willingness to admit a mistake were on display last month, as she compared the paparazzi to rapists, only to quickly back track and apologize for the word use. It was a mature handling of a difficult situation.


She's still playing a lethargic, emotionless, shallow bitch, and she's ugly as sin. Twilight sucks.


WOW this in not what she said...I hate when people take her words out of context she was talking about the birds and the bees talk and she was joking I LOVE U KSTEW


i want to ''do things'' to the papparazzi.


FINALLY NO HATERS!! Thank you! I luv kristen! Why do people change up kristens words? If Rob said this they would of kept the story straight!


I love Kristen her honesty, her strength, her genuineness, her incredible acting talent, her cuteness. I think people who are negative about her are just insecure in themselves and jealous of her genuineness. She's AMAZING and deserves all the best in life!!!!!!


OK if this interview is real i want to see some footage! This is clearly a misunderstanding she only said she didn't really need the birds and the bees talk! She never said she was great at sex! You people twist up information on what people say and no one is stupid enough to buy it! Get a different life not making money on false aliggations! And i doubt that robert nodding his head and his buddies pounding fist was even real! you people make so much stuff up!


I love Kristen Stewart..... I think most of her statements are taken out of context. I have only seen her in person once but I tell you she is so sweet and more beautiful in person.


Ha..ha..ha..Kristen hater looks IDIOT in this site!


i like her and think that girls know about sex to early is because of the movies and music videos and some of us haven't done it yet so whats the big ideal anyway she is just acting in the movie .


yeah, i didn't get that from what she said at all... she never said she was awesome at sex... she merely said she never required the birds and the bees discussion, as she was mature enough and understood it all from the get go...
made it just sound like she was explaining that most girls nowadays understand all the aspects of sex due to sexual education (at least in Canada)...and don't really need a parental talk about responsible sex and such... what i gathered from her statement is that she was a mature girl...that doesnt mean she was sexually active at a young age, or that she is proclaiming she is great in bed. I think that you need to work on your reading COMPREHENSION. hmm?


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