Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami (and Chicago), Scott Gets Wasted

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Wow. What an amazing coincidence: the same week E! airs an episode of Kourtney and Khloe Takes Miami that focuses on Scott Disick being a pathetic drunk, that loser happens to get in a filmed fight with his neighbor.

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    I love the show and Scott isnt bad untill he starts drinking and i think he sould stop and focus on his family..Family sould be first befor anything..I do believe dat Kourtney gets scared when Scott is drink cause he gets really angry and i dont blame her..Kourtney needs to focus on her and her son..


    Just watched tonight's episode. Wished Scott didn't blow the hot tub scene, that chick Jackie was hot!


    what is wrong with people? these girls arent THAT bad, and like I said, I watch the show for Scott Disick's fine ass!! Too bad they bleeped out the scene where he showed his hoo hoo-at the hot tub!! why say anything ugly about them? at least THEY have their own TV show, even if it IS kind of ,wel, dumb...and by the way, HOW do YOU know what a whore kourtney is???


    I LOVE SCOTT!!!! I think He's WAY TOO HOT, except for some of those wild orange pants, AND some of those Miami jackets...I LOVE the K & K take Miami show(yeah,Iknow that's not what it's called), and yeah Scott DOES give the DRAMA!! Keep it up baby doll,(that was for SCOTT) I'll keep watching!!


    I will never understand why people go OUT OF THEIR WAY not only to read the article about the people they "hate," but then to go even further out of their way to COMMENT ON IT! Jealous much? Or just have a miserable life?


    I don't think Scott fathered Kourtney's baby. The baby doesn't have any of Scott's soft features. The baby has that big flat Armenian nose and thick unruly eyebrows.
    Scott needs to take a paternity test, since Kourtney is such a whore, she most likely slept around.
    The entire KarTRASHian clan are scum, including but not limited to:
    Kim the habitual liar (who denies all her plastic sx)
    Kris, the money hungry trollep, who pimps her daughters (Playboy)


    Was channel surfing last night -decided to watch this show -K&K take Miami. This is the most disgusting piece of TV ever put on the air.....K&K are both airheads. They have no class. How can "E" put this X rated crap on TV.
    These ugly girls with the fake hair and eyelashes, etc have no talent..they cannot sing, dance, act or do anything else worthwhile except be fame whores. And OMG, their nasal voices, drive me insane.
    Khloe looks like a whale and Kourtney is a dwarf, maybe they should re-title the franchise to Mutt and Jeff trying to be famous for nothing..


    I have a great idea for their next reality show!!!

    "Kourtney and Kloe Take Afghanistan"


    This was badly written... I usually love the reality show recaps on this site.

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