Katherine Jackson Really Wants Former Daughter-in-Law, Grandkids Out

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As we previously reported, Michael Jackson's mother Katherine wants four of her grandchildren and their mom to move out so she can care for MJ's kids.

Prince, Paris and Blanket are under Katherine's guardianship, but her mansion currently houses Alejandra Jackson and her four children as well, and it's chaos.

Jermaine Jackson in London

The family housing feud began when the matriarch asked Alejandra and her four kids to move out, because they're just too much to handle for Katherine, 80.

She has two kids (Jermajesty and Jaafar) by Jermaine Jackson and two others (Donte and Randy Jr.) by Randy Jackson, who had a heart attack this week.

The deal is this: Katherine and the Michael Jackson estate have offered to let Alejandra and her brood move into a nearby condo owned by Michael Jackson.

Alejandra has lawyered up, however, and while all Katherine wants is a confidentiality agreement, Alejandra wants better digs and a big financial settlement.

Another day, another dose of Jackson family drama.

Katherine needs Alejandra and her kids to move so she can care for Michael's kids, and is reportedly ready to play hardball over it - condo or the highway.

Sources close to the family say Katherine cares deeply for the four grandchildren but is not about to be held hostage by someone who has no legal claim.

Jermaine Jackson does owe Alejandra back child support, but Katherine sees that as her son's problem, not hers. Plus, Katherine is living on an allowance.

Michael left 40 percent of his estate to Katherine, but paid out in increments, with the remainder going to Paris, Prince and Blanket when she passes away.

Therefore, she doesn't have access to a lump sum for a payoff and the executors of MJ's estate aren't going to cover Jermaine and Randy's obligations.

Basically, it could get ugly for Katherine. Like, worse than Joe Jackson blaming Michael's death on her ugly. But don't underestimate this strong woman.


I am proud of Katherine Jackson. The boys children are
not her responsibility. Randy and Jermaine should be
ashamed for putting thier mother through all this mess.
sincerely. MLM


i believe joe jackson is really the one to blame for the loss of michael as he was the one who never gave michael a fathers love. and also the beatings and the insults to michael affected him all his life. he wanted his fathers love as a little boy, and he missed his childhood because of his father pushing so hard for the success and money from michael and his brothers. one man, and one man only is to blame for his own sons death on the end.


I feel sorry for Katherine. What a messed up family she has to deal with. I blame Joe for a lot of the mess.


what a tramp she needs to get up off her ass and get a job,and jermaine needs to pay child support.he can have wife after wife but then he gets behind on child support.looks like she wants some of michael's money too.california is a big state there r more men here then just jermaine & randy......... nasty..


Alejandra is a slut sleeping with two brothers and having babies by both of them. She has never worked or tried to get a job. All she wants is to lay around the house and leach off of someone else. She is triffling!!!!!


good 4 u katherine,please watch out 4 randy sorry 2 hear what happened 2 him.

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