Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Shot Down as "Nonsense"

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This week's Life & Style features a cover story that claims Robert Pattinson dumped Kristen Stewart because she's too sad of a human being.

Incredibly, this is NOT the most ridiculously false, misleading report in a new magazine issue, as Star earns that dishonor for the following headline:

Kate Middleton Pregnant?

As soon as this cover made the Internt rounds, a royal palace spokesperson labeled the Kate Middleton rumor as "complete nonsense."

It's not the first time Kate and Prince William have been in the news this month. Tabloids have amped up their coverage of the world famous twosome once again, as rumors of an engagement and huge wedding persist.

Neither side of the couple has said much in recent days. Probably because they're embarrassed about their country's recent World Cup tie with the United States.


i dont think she is pregnant but if she is i hope kate calls her chloe


omg i can't believe it . hope it is a lie . but if it is true. hope that it is a by.


If shes pregnant that's their business its not 1775 u dont need 2 marry and have baby's it her choice so back off tabloids seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So what if she is pregnant; they've lived together for a while now before the wedding! I wish the stupid tabloids would stop trying to make a scandal--Kate is almost 30 and they have said they have wanted to start a family soon. It's their business. I hope they have a blessed and happy life together.


First of all, we don't even know if Kate is pregnant...and so what if she is, get off her back. I mean seriously.... England's royalty standards should be more modern now-a-days. Many people get pregnant (or have sex) before marriage...and that's their business.


Embarrassed about the World Cup title? I think they are probably more embarrassed about the couple's behavior. It is definitely NOT a kingy thing to shack up before marriage. I used to think there was hope for the monarchy in William. Now he is just another embarrassment.

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