Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Shot Down as "Nonsense"

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This week's Life & Style features a cover story that claims Robert Pattinson dumped Kristen Stewart because she's too sad of a human being.

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    Kate Middleton is not pregnant. Yet, anyway. She was seen drinking wine with Prince William at a New Zealand vineyard.

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    mo mo Morton seen a nake-- boy and fell in love became ??????????????????? & ???????????????????????


    why did she f****in swear on a photo


    she seen a nk boy who is ---------------------------------- this bit is a secret


    I don,t know anything about Kate.But,I hear to qualify as a paperazi or whatever they call themselves,You have to get on your knees and blow the boss whenever He says.Also these characters are known to have intimate relations with barnyard animals,mostly sheep and goats.Occasionally a duck or chicken.Too bad William can,t take you wimps behind the bar and bust your stupid heads,wich I would do if you were stupid enough to say it about anyone I cared about.Why can,t these wankers get a real job?Ain,t you proud You killed Diana now you,re gonna hound this girl to death?Someone should stuff your cameras up your asses .


    is it true? may God bless them


    is it true may God bless them


    is kate middleton really pregnant?and please don't put incorrect gossips!!!!!!!


    If she is pregnant, i wish them both all the luck and joy with this miracle.
    There are millions of people, who want childeren and they dont get any. Read your royal history books, there are queens and kings in the past that wants childeren and they don't get any. It's so sad for those poeple, specialy with the herritage of the crown.
    The big question, was she pregnant before she got married?
    I'm not sure, but i do believe, it's a crown on their life's.
    I know it's not the tradion, to get pregnant before you wedding, and i think it's not a big deal but your a rol model for the entire nation, so a little caution,is what the nation aspect.
    No worries, i only hope that the baby and the duchess are happy and healthy.and wish them all a lot off lukc health and love.

    Tamara Lesiputty
    Giessenburg, The Netherlands.


    i like kate middleton because she is a simple girl and please don't judge him for that word.....


    soo what if kate is pregnant maybe kate wanted a baby soo leave kate alone and i love kate

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