Kate Gosselin to Guest Host The View Again

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Kate Gosselin is returning to The View.

The reality mom, who has guest-hosted in the past, returns next Friday, July 2 to discuss tanning without sun, summer food and red, white & blue outfits.

Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani


Sounds pretty great. The 35-year-old subbed in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck when she was out on maternity leave for a few days in 2009, and appeared again in March.

CONSTANT VIEW: Kate Gosselin is always on the tube.

She also stars on TLC's Kate Plus 8 every Sunday night, and will soon premiere her new reality show Twist of Kate. That's a lot of Kate Gosselin on TV these days.

No doubt Jon Gosselin is jealous.

"It would be nice to have a job on television again," he recently said. "I'm not so sure about reality. I'm just exploring my options right now, meeting with certain people about different ideas. I can’t talk about it; you have to stay tuned."

Can we pass?


Enough is enough. I can't believe people are still interested in Kate Gosselin anymore. After seeing her on Dancing with the Stars I don't know why anyone would give her any more air time. She has no talent whatsoever. Why can't she just get a normal 9-5 job like the rest of us and finally let her kids have a normal childhood.


Please remove this worthless wart from our news, TV, radio....all of it. I swear if I have to listen to anymore skill-less, no talented people whom act like they have something, I will go crazy. This chick is a big nothing, money grubbing, skinflint who is being sold as talent....she is not talent, she was thrust upon us by mediaheads who think they can just bully an idiot on us. They get her cheap so push her kinda attitude. Must suck to be a media whore who does whatever anyone tells her to because they own her ass.


I agree Kate does need to stay home more with her children however, the same women who Hate Kate if they were given the same opportunity she has they would do the same and not one of these women would say no to being on tv and receiving money for it... so dont jude... and what about John he did cheat on her and the children after all... Kate, my advice tone it down and make it more about the kids and not yourself....


I don't hate Kate...but holy cow...she is not good at hosting a talk show. She barely says anything unless it is about herself...and when she is talking about herself she goes on and on and on. Stay on TLC...you don't have a career in hosting talk shows! And yeah...spend some more time at home. IF..and I realize it is a big IF...the tabloid reports are true...she is rarely at home. The reason she doesn't go back to being a nurse is that she can't support her family - in the lifestyle SHE is choosing to live on that kind of salary.


i dont hate kate i actully adore her ... but i do hate Jon. and for all of you people who say rude things bout her y dont you just say that to urselves cause i betcha that that is exactly how u think of yourselves.... and that !!!! seriuosly y do u people b soo rude and say thigs bout her 4 god stakes shes raising 8 kids all on her own!!!!!! but i do argree with (Bonnie) kate does need to stay home with her kids more but all the other stuff that you said i dont argree with


All I can say is DITTO! to all the above.


Haha! Not one positive comment on her appearance. Everyone I know hates her. Why don't these dumb TV producers listen to comments like these? I bet every net story about this has almost identical comments left. NO MORE KATE!


I am sure there must be some out of work actors that deserve to be on the view. I know of no one that wants to see Kate Gosselin on anything. The more she is on TV the more she thinks she is worthy.


Please!! Make Kate go away!! I can't stand her!! The more you t.v. producers give her time the longer she will be around. Please ignore her so she goes away. Please!!


OMG.....Don't the producers of all these shows on ABC know that the public is freakin sick of Kate Gosselin! What the hell is she known for....spitting out six babies at once! She is nothing but a media whore! I don't know why she would want to show her botched botox face on tv or was the episode already recorded? I'll tell you one thing, I REFUSE to WATCH ANOTHER PROGRAM with Kate Gosselin on it. I change the damn channel when a commerical comes on showing her freakin face. She is not an expert on parenting either! REALLY...somebody please tell me what contribution has she given to humanity to deserve all this publicity and attention????


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