Kate Gosselin to Guest Host The View Again

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Kate Gosselin is returning to The View.

The reality mom, who has guest-hosted in the past, returns next Friday, July 2 to discuss tanning without sun, summer food and red, white & blue outfits.

Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani


Sounds pretty great. The 35-year-old subbed in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck when she was out on maternity leave for a few days in 2009, and appeared again in March.

CONSTANT VIEW: Kate Gosselin is always on the tube.

She also stars on TLC's Kate Plus 8 every Sunday night, and will soon premiere her new reality show Twist of Kate. That's a lot of Kate Gosselin on TV these days.

No doubt Jon Gosselin is jealous.

"It would be nice to have a job on television again," he recently said. "I'm not so sure about reality. I'm just exploring my options right now, meeting with certain people about different ideas. I can’t talk about it; you have to stay tuned."

Can we pass?


well at least we know the only people that will be watching are all eight of the views bed ridden viewers. The only reason those eight people watch the view is because theyre to weak to get up and change the channel.


WHY...WHY...WHY... HEAR US!!!! Let her get a real job like most women, & has to work to raise her 8 kids!! HIM TOO!!! The opportunity & money those two parents have received is more than most families receive in a lifetime, we should not have them shoved in our faces anymore... Who decides that WE have to have more of Kate or her ex! Whoever made them wanna be celebrities are NUTS!


To those people who say "give Kate a break" - how about all my fellow soldiers, and thier families?? Who gives THEM a break? They're away from thier families, for a year or more at a time. There in a country who's average temp is over 100 - morning, noon, and night. They live each day with the possibility of getting shot, or dying right then and there. They make everyone's lives possible, including Kate Gosselin's. They are doing things that most Americans are unable, or UNWILLING to do. And they do all of this for next to nothing, financially speaking. Try telling ANY soldier in the hot desert right now, to "give Kate a break" - see how that goes over with them....


Barf!!! Barf!!! Vomit!!! She's on TV AGAIN?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!? Please Please make her GO AWAY!!! Do not watch the show if the ratings are low on any of her shows MAYBE they will get the hint and drop her.


If she REALLY was just working to support her litter, she wouldn't be spending $20,000 on her hair disasters. I would never spend more than $100.00 because it seems selfish. She is the most annoying person on t.v. with her fake teeth and fake "personality"! Oh and by the way, who can stand another second of that white trash accent of hers!!? GROSSS!


now I will have to miss my favorite daytime show. I don't need to repeat all the comments said before me about her except that I AGREE


Enough is enough with this _itch. How about she raise her childred and stop tring to be in everyone's face. Jon might not have been the only problem in this family. Her next show "Kate Exploiting 8"


This woman is a train wreck. OMG the fake cry that she puts on for everyone is out of control. I wish they would stop glorifying her and just get her off tv. She was a crappy wife and i personally think she is a crappy mom!!!


I have mixed feelings for Kate; In one way I feel sorry for her because her marriage was such a disaster.(I couldn't stand the way she talked to Jon on their show) She was also a train wreck in Dancing... the worst! Kate is very vulnerable and definitely has emotional issues. But I kind of like her. At least she is working and trying to support her kids. Yes, she probably shouldn't have had so many, but it's too late to even say that. We all know it would be a huge struggle for her to go back to work as a nurse and try to support 8 kids. She would still have to have babysitters. It would be hard to go back. It takes a lot of money to feed, clothe, educate, etc. 8 kids. Don't be so judgemental.


please stop reporting on Kate I am tired of seeing her name in the headlineand some of the dumb things she does.


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