Kate Gosselin: The Botched Botox

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Kate Gosselin debuted an interesting look yesterday.

Rocking oddly spiked eyebrows and a noticeably smoother face as she ran errands, the reality mom looks to have suffered botox treatments gone horribly wrong.

Mother of 8

In the before-and-after comparison of Kate Gosselin pictures below, you can see how her brow is elevated in an abnormally high position, looking quite off kilter.

Perhaps this to prep for guest-hosting The View? In any case, it's yet another case of unnecessary treatment coupled with poor exeuction. What a winning combo!

SO WRONG: Kate Gosselin made the right move ditching the reverse mullet dead opossum weave she patented, but what the hell happened to her face? Yeesh.

You'd think after getting a tummy tuck and a boob job (supposedly), she'd know where to find a good surgeon. Or perhaps Hailey Glassman's dad got revenge ...

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Since the Botox Kate now looks like Danielle from houswives of NJ


scarlett fire. you get off your high horse. she screwed her life up. stop blaming jon for everything. in fact they both screwed up


Everyone get off your high horses! Kate's fate was twisted by Jon! He had no sense of responsibility and left it all for Kate to handle. Kate is doing her best, and must enjoy what she does, and makes a lot of money..which benefit all those kids..you sure don't see Jon making any money! So what if Kate wants to make improvements to her body, face etc. If she can and it makes her feel good why not? You know you would if you hand the money..why do people love to bash others? why do the tabloids dish dirt instead of telling positive stuff? Guess garbage sells? Sad!


she is such a joke, really. She now looks what she really is..a witch! sad that she is the only one who thinks she's all that. she can't mother with a darn, she has no talent but to be a constance thorn in everyones side. Give it up fakekate and give us some rest from you please. Jon should seek full custody of the kids because he's pretty much the only parent the kids see on a regular basis. I mean please, how can this freak continue to shove herself down our throats when at every turn she is told no one likes you!? she's putting the kids out there again to make money for herself. She could give a rats behind for th kids. Can't stand her. All the weaves, fake smile, capped teeth, botox, boobs tummy etc... can't turn this humppy dumppy back into anything but what she really is....fake no-talented moron.


She is a mom not a movie star. Ditch the botox.


She had this same dragon-lady look during dwts - there was a photo of her at that time that was remarkably like this one. Does anyone else remember?


Oh no, your mask fell off!


I think she looks like Joan Rivers!!


I think the new outer look matches her same old inner personality. Evil. Is she trying to be the next..more insane "Mommy Dearest"? Nobody ever talks about the poor 8 children that have to endure this completely selfish and self-centered hag. Great job Hollywood!! You've destroyed another human being along with her marriage and 8 children. And nobody cares. Especially her. Keep her on the payroll,and in the limelight like Anna Nicole until you have them all committing suicide. Oh how wonderful the culture is in this country !! And everyone will cry their crocodile tears while they find other weak minded souls to destroy. What a shame she is to motherhood, womanhood, marriage and anything decent. Anna Nicole re-incarnated...only with less talent and looks. Just another selfish whor*&* willing to sell out her family for her own selfish whims.


Yuck. Seriously... Yuck.