Kate Gosselin: The Botched Botox

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Kate Gosselin debuted an interesting look yesterday.

Rocking oddly spiked eyebrows and a noticeably smoother face as she ran errands, the reality mom looks to have suffered botox treatments gone horribly wrong.

Mother of 8

In the before-and-after comparison of Kate Gosselin pictures below, you can see how her brow is elevated in an abnormally high position, looking quite off kilter.

Perhaps this to prep for guest-hosting The View? In any case, it's yet another case of unnecessary treatment coupled with poor exeuction. What a winning combo!

SO WRONG: Kate Gosselin made the right move ditching the reverse mullet dead opossum weave she patented, but what the hell happened to her face? Yeesh.

You'd think after getting a tummy tuck and a boob job (supposedly), she'd know where to find a good surgeon. Or perhaps Hailey Glassman's dad got revenge ...

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Ha, there is no way the "After" photo is Kate. Look at the shape of the eyes, the nose is not the same. This is a much older woman in the aftershot. I know having to deal with Jon aged her a bit, however, there is no way that the after photo is Kate botoxed.


i think she looks great, is a super mom and works hard to support her family. not much to say abt jon...........loser.


I am happy for the lady. It takes allot to raise one child, let alone 8. I believe her intentions are good. We all can find "difference" in the way we raise our children; however, I beleive that some people just love to ridicule others. I agree with one post that stated, she needs to run a tight ship. Shut I have 4 and have used some of her rules ie no shoes in the house. This has helped maintain our carpetted areas. Go for it Kate. You look are one hot momma, lol.


No, she just has that go to hell look she has always been famos for...lol


It looks like she had her eyebrows arched not botox.. just my opinion.. its a picture everything is gonna look like its still and not moving... and How is she a horrible mother, I think she does best on what she knows and that is to keep things on a schedule and in order, If I had 8 kids of that age Id have to keep a tight ship too. Even when she was married to Jon He was no help, He would be outside watching the toddlers when they were 3 and he'd rollerblade off into the distance leaving the kids alone. so yea Kate should have been harder then what she was to Jon.. Kids look well behaved, so she is doing great


she still has forehead wrinkles so how could it be botox?


she is just plain NASTY!!! Her poor children have to deal with her! She is such a biotc!


Has anybody noticed the difference between Kate's nose in the before and after picture? We're so busy looking at her forehead, but I think her nose looks a bit more narrow and turned up at the end. What do you think? Do you think she added a nose job to the list?


I think she looks GREAT!! Never Better!! She looks so much YOUNGER!! I LOVE the eyebrows! I hope she gets More!!


Aspasia, I think you've got it in reverse. Clearly, Kate is more interested in being a movie star/celebrity than she is in being a mom. The mom part is really just her "angle" to use to achieve it.