Spotted Kissing: Justin Rego and Jessica Spillas!

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Justin Rego might as well be nicknamed Rated R for Rubbing it in Ali Fedotowsky's face, because that's basically what he's doing kissing his girlfriend in public.

Poor Ali. Fortunately, the existence of Jessica Spillas, Justin Rego's girlfriend back home, reached The Bachelorette in time for her to (presumably) cut him loose.

But not before five episodes full of manipulations and lies.

Rego, a so-called entertainment wrestler, pretended to woo Ali while basking in his newfound fame ... and dating Jessica Spillas back home in Canada.

Here's the creep known as Rated R kissing her recently ...

Justin 'Rated R' Rego Photo

Ali Fedotowsky got played by Justin Rego, seen here sucking face with girlfriend Jessica Spillas. Fortunately, she gets Revenge on Rated R come Monday night.

With the jig up, Rego didn't even wait for his send-off episode to air next week before publicly embracing Spillas his Canadian hometown. That cheating bastard!

The reality star couldn't keep his hands off Spillas during a shopping trip in Toronto's Queen Street West neighborhood, but he's also reportedly two-timing her.

At least he was, if Kimberly Kerekes, who also claims to be Justin Rego's girlfriend, is to be believed. As if his antics on The Bachelorette weren't shady enough.

Fortunately, we can tell you from The Bachelorette spoilers we've posted that Rego does not make it past next week - his slimy behavior is about to be exposed.

Still, it's sickening that he played Ali like he did, and that ABC let him get away with it if they knew. Follow the jump for more pics of Rated R kissing his girl ...

Jessica Spillas Picture
Justin Rego, Girlfriend

Jessica Spillas apparently has no problem being the other woman.


I think Justin made the show enjoyable and so what he didn't feel the attraction with happens!!! From what I can recall, his whoe time there, he never groped her or cornered her for physcial attention nor did he ever kiss the girl.She called him out infront of all teh guys acting like aig shot menawhile back at the ranch she was dating 25 guys and is now down to the final does that work?!?!?! Now that Justin si gone teh show is BORING!!


he is trailor park trash


He was the only humor on the show. The whole thing seems a bit scripted.
He never really showed Ali much affection or really seemed to care about her. They talked like buddies and his walk out to her house seemed set up by the producers to create silly drama with the other boys.
Since the show is so boring this season, it was a relief to have someone funny on the show for awhile.
It would be funny to hear the real story, considering it's rumored the producers knew this information. It seems like he was cast for this role.


I don't buy it. I just looked up Jessica on Facebook and there is a picture of her kissing some other dude? Would Rated R really like that on his girlfriend's page? or does she just want to be famous also?

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