Justin Bieber on Twitter: Leave My Mother Alone!

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Justin Bieber is a pretty laid back, jovial fellow.

He'll joke about crushing on Kim Kardashian and he'll tease fans with the traits he's looking for in a girlfriend. But there's one area in which this artist grows serious: his family.

Yummy FroYo

Responding to the ridiculous rumor last week that his mother was offered $50,000 to pose for Playboy, Justin Tweeted yesterday:

My mom is a moral woman... let's just leave that one for what it is...because that rumor just grossed and wierded [sic] me out...

We're with you, JB. We'd much rather swoon over that hair and that voice of yours anyway.


Oiiiew meu amor eu de pesso se vc quer namorar comigo?
Eu te amo se eu te vese eu acho que eu iria quer um trecooo.
Te amo PAIXAO da minha VIDA.


Justin é meu primeiro idolo eu gosto dele e das musicas dele é romanticas e eu queri tar no lugar da prima dele quando ele camta biber


I lOvE jUStIn biEbEr cUz hE Is tHe hEnSoMe bOy & NiCe bOy ...
CaN I Be YoUr GiRlFrIeNd ...
cAn i nOw yOuR NuMbEr pOnE ..... {ItS AlL tAnK U }
lOVe U bIeBeR ...
{^_^}Be hApPy &{ =)}hApPy &{:D}haPpY ....


Oii te amoo


Justin I love you I hope that one day you come in rio de janeiro all love you hope you like me as I like you as a friend


i hate those people says ur mom is not pretty if ur mom is not pretty handsome


[red]kiss love you coraciom te amoOOOOOOOOOOO


HI Justin Bieber can you call me at this number 8053369385.And Justin people heat on your mom but you no your mom is pretty so just say what you got on your mind.Call me i'm a big fan.Love you


whats up with all the haters geeze well im happy u stood up for ur mom i would of done the same thing and idk if its annoying for every thing u do too be in public is it??? well later justin :)


eu sou sua fa jutin love meu nome dafine moro ei manasu

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