Justin Bieber on Twitter: Leave My Mother Alone!

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Justin Bieber is a pretty laid back, jovial fellow.

He'll joke about crushing on Kim Kardashian and he'll tease fans with the traits he's looking for in a girlfriend. But there's one area in which this artist grows serious: his family.

Yummy FroYo

Responding to the ridiculous rumor last week that his mother was offered $50,000 to pose for Playboy, Justin Tweeted yesterday:

My mom is a moral woman... let's just leave that one for what it is...because that rumor just grossed and wierded [sic] me out...

We're with you, JB. We'd much rather swoon over that hair and that voice of yours anyway.


quando vc vai vim aqui pro brasil justin bieber


were are you holly wood come to california my email is palafox1910@hotmail.com i know its in espanish love you fan


Yall Dumb Why Is Yall Speakin Spaninsh He Dnt Speak Spanish Dumbby And Justin Already Knoww His Mama Is Pweettie She Is A Beauty


Well i love justin bieber too just like most of the girls i know but y dream about it theres no way iam ever gonna meet him... And yea plp just cuz ur jealous he has so many fans and is admire by everyone messing wit his family...WoW....stop being jealous and leave him and his family alone. Bieber iam a relly big fan ill say ur num 1 fan but how many girls dont tell u that....Ur awasome and even now that u got that new haircut...looks very good on u. and HAPPY B-DAY LUZ RIOS 3-1-11


hola justin somos de argentina te adoramos y hoy vimos tu peli esta re piole


ola justin bieber sei que vc esta aprendendo falar portugues mas quero te dizer vc nao é melhor e nem pior apenas de ferente sou oque sou e nao o que pençam vc é e sempre sera o menino que sempre alcançou e conseguiu os seu sonhos sempre batalhou pra consegui e agora esta ai vivendo uma vida de famoso é tudo o que vc queria nao deiche que as pessoas que te amam perde vc de vista vc pode ser qualquer só basta acredita te amo muito su fã numero um


Well,we all love justin..my cousin and I are doing everything we can to get u to listen to our music and ur mother is soo gorgeous and I'm not just saying that coz ily but she kind of remind me of my own mother.even tho she's strict as hell she always there for mee..sooo please HATERS leave the biebs and his family alone coz ppl just look for stories to make up but we no thrs ntn..xox luv ya


oi justin bieber sou muito sua fã amo muito você você muito inportante pra mim porque io te amo muito mais que tudo nesa minha vida você e um amor eu te amo muito.
meu poema que eu fis pra você quando te vii na eliana
se for preciso esperar você pelo reisto da minha vida eu topo so nâo posso te perde de vez .você e um anjo um amar te pessoa pelo oque você sofreu .mais deixe o passado pra trais ver o presente o meu sonho e ser sua pq eu te amo eu chorro todo dia pensado em você.mais eu tenho fe que pode realizar deus e maior.
assinado cynthia
jeito de ser:amigavel sinsera brincalhona meiga amorosa soridente gosta de se tiverdi com as a migas ri .
bom love yu te amo


i love you justin as vezes eu em vc e vejo vc dando aquele lindo sorriso eu te amo d+ sou sua fã numero1 eu tenho vontade de tir conhecer para vc saber o quanto te amo beijos da sua fã wenia


leave pattie alone ppl stop the hate @justinbieber and pattie have no time for it!! o and JUSTIN BIEBER I LOVE YOU!!!!

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