Justin Bieber on Today: Cute!!!

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Grandmas love him.

The children of A-list movie stars rap with him.

Indeed, the legion of fans surrounding Justin Bieber grows by the day, which made it shocking that New York City didn't come to a complete stand still today when the singer performed on The Today Show.

The same might not be said for traffic on THG, as those with Bieber Fever might cause our server to crash by clicking so often on the following photos. Still, for their sake, it's a risk we're willing to take...

Today Show Performance
  • Performing in NYC
  • Mic Flipper
  • NYC Concert Pic
  • Fortunate Fan
  • Getting Down, Being Cute


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you are infinitive cute, smart,dasshing


Justin is very talented and he loves to perform for his fans.Sometimes it hurts to see him kissing girls and yea,But you know I cant be mad at him forever,lol,yea.I have a great Myspace Friend(M.Bieber)she loves justin as much as i do,we always I.M. each other and we share info about Justin.anyways i hope one day i can meet him...-Peace-&-Love-...-Jazmine-


i love him more than everone


wow he is cute in dat vid i never realized justin u ar kinda cute


ewww this guys goes for women wAy beyond his league like 40 something or what gross no im serious


i love justin bieber soooo much that i can't leave without him. He da pengest guy on earth. He's got everything a boy should have. i love u justin bieber sooooooooooooooooo much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I love justin bieber so much i wish people would not hate justin bieber


uuu lokkk so yummy...eheheheheh


thats not true


u look hot but im a better singer