Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian: Total Tweethearts!

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Kim Kardashian clearly has a death wish.

Last month, she was photographed alongside Justin Bieber at The White House Correspondents Dinner. Crazed fans of the young singer proceeded to Tweet about her murder if she came close to their man again. We really wish we were kidding.

Kim Kardashian: Missing Person

To Kim's credit, she remained undettered by these threats and continued to admit to the world that she has a serious case of Bieber fever.

Now, Kardashian is challenging Justin's followers again. Accompanying the 16-year old for a photo shoot in the Bahamas, she released the following picture of the pair via Twitter:

Yes, folks, she's messing with Justin's iconic hair. Based on her widely-viewed video with Ray J, we know Kim likes balls. But who knew she possessed such a large pair herself?

Bieber, meanwhile, isn't shy about his relationship with Kardashian, either. He recently said he was crushing on Cheryl Cole, but it appears as though he hasn't moved on from Reggie Bush's ex.

Justin Tweeted this photo over the weekend. We're really sorry, fans - but, hey, there's always Nick Jonas. He's cute and single and not rubbing his bond with a sex tape star in your face...


hey justin bieber me and my cusion are freaking out or sepehley me i am the one thats freaing outabout not seeing you and you dont answer my calls are you bussy or something how come you get to answer the other grils well my number is 9074300 so call me at this number okay byee i am not mad at you okay byeeeee


WTF, what on earth is a 29 year old woman gonna possibly do wit a 16 year old boy! maybe she needs someone to play mario tennis with. But hes serious about it. Shes playin him like a violin


hey justi biber happy fourth of july how is your day today me and my anoying cusion well kindoff and she told me that if you could call her back and her moms phone number is 3307949 okay byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love you justin from jennaida and alisha


I wish nothing but THE most Painful agony in which no one has experienced before. Hope you die a painful death Yours truthfully


Hi Justin Bieber i live in Greece and i am from Srbia.I want to say your girlfriend is so beautiful and i want to see you pleace i cry for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


I Think that Kim kardashian is't ... right for Justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean that justin is a kid.


i think kim is awsome!!!!!!!!! but i dont think that justin and kim suit!!!!!!!!! the age difference is huge!!!!!!! but i am big fans of both kim and justin


hey justin! go back to school, get some education!!!


hey justin bieber my cousin alisha said that she meet you last year or not but i think she is laying to me because sometimes she likes to lie to everyone encluding me jennaida oh and i think we are not going to meet you and me and my cusion are very sad about not seeing you and we are just crying for you and well nice meeting you okay byeeeeeeeee we love you i am soo sorry!!!!!!! :(


hey justin bieber my cusion told me that if you could get us a limo but i told her that i dont know if he wants to and we are going to go to your conssert on july5th and we are very exited to go and our dreams achally came ture thank you justin

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