Josie Duggar Comes Home to the Family

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After a harrowing six months in the NICU, Josie Brooklyn Duggar is home.

The 19th child if Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar returned to their busy house last week after being born prematurely and fighting for her life ever since.

"It is good to be home," says a laughing Michelle, who set up shop in Little Rock, Ark. "It is surreal to be here. It was such a long time we were away."

Though the baby was released from Arkansas Children's Hospital in the state's capital June 3, her homecoming was delayed because of her siblings.

Specifically, the 12 of the Duggar children that contracted the chicken pox and had to be separated from her. That's some contagious stuff right there.

Josie Duggar thus spent three more weeks with her mother in a rental house near the hospital until the other children recovered back home with dad.

The Duggars are one big, happy and complete family again.

Finally, on June 25, mother and child made the over 200-mile road trip from Little Rock to Tontitown, Ark., where the family lives (somehow debt free).

They were met by streamers, hand-made "Welcome Home" banners and 17 of Josie's siblings (oldest son Josh lives on his own with his wife and baby).

The last time Michelle was at the Duggar family's home, they were decorating for the holidays and looking forward to Josie's expected birth in the spring.

But Michelle's preeclampsia caused an emergency C-section and a dangerous entry into the world for Josie, who was born December 10 at just one pound.

The family, whose lives are chronicled on the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting, is now settling into a routine with Josie, now a "chunky" 9 lbs., 1 oz.

"She has a double chin now," she says. "It is so precious."

Welcome home, Josie!


I love how people feel that Jim Bob and Michelle are 'nut jobs' when every week I read about another little kid in my area being born to a single mom whose boyfriend feels it's his responsibility to discipline and winds up putting the kid in the hospital or cemetary. Then you have people like K Brown who insist they KNOW the Duggars can't possibly pay for Josie's medical care and make it their business to state the opinion that the Duggars are paying for Josie's care through taxes. And so what if they were, K Brown? The Duggars businesses have paid HEAVILY for taxes and they use nothing, not even the pathetic public schools dumbing everyone else's kids down. And by the way, I have no doubt that however Josie's care is being paid for, I am certain Jim Bob worked something out with his health plan and the hospital. That Jim Bob is one savvy businessman. And they handle the media like putty.


The NICU costs for six months for Josie alone will be upwards of a million dollars. I absolutely do not believe that also will be paid for by health insurance, if they have that. I'm guessing that most, if not all, of these costs (as well as for the other kids) are being paid for by our tax dollars. She will also be eligible for WIC and other programs, all at your tax dollar expense.


I'm so happy to hear little Josie is finally home! Can't wait to watch her growing strong & healthy at home with her family on tv!
I wish the Duggars all the best. They are amazing, IMO, living debt-free & able to support all those kids & no govt assistance!
All of us could learn from that.




My daughter Angel and I have prayed daily for this to happen. We wanted Josie to show others the love of Christ. Blessings on you all


Here is a family who doesn't depend on welfare or hand outs of any kind and if they can afford it, so be it. I do hope this one will be the last, because of what happened to mother and child. They are wonderful parents and personally I applaud them for the wonderful example they have sit for raising children. To be debt free and 19 kids, WOW! How many can say that with the economy as it is? I wish them all the happiness that this world has to offer. When you see what has become of so many children now days, with the drugs, sex tapes and all the other garbage out there. It's good to know that someone is making a difference. We live in such a morally bankrupt society now days. Maybe we should sit up and pay attention and learn something from the Duggar's


god bless the duggars, i think their family is wonderful. this country needs more loving, good, and moral families like them.


It is very disheartening to read statements about a wonderful family that is doing things for all the right reasons, from people who know very little about them. The Duggars live debt free lives because they plan well for their expenses and live frugaly. They also share the how to of this information on their web page. They do not collect welfare or ask for hand outs. They spend quality time with the children and are raising them to be responsible and respectful young people. Perhaps that is a lesson all their critics missed.


They live debt free. I just want to know how in the hell they can pay for health insurance on this HUGE family. I struggle with insuring 4 of us... mom, dad and 2 kids. Seriouly, they own their home outright? What do they do for money b4 the show???


That woman, her husband too, for that matter, is a nut job.

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