Josie Duggar, Baby #19, Finally Sent Home

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Josie Brooklyn Duggar, the youngest child of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, has finally made it to the family's Arkansas home.

Her brief life has already required two hospitalizations, but "We're so happy that she's doing well," Michelle told People. "She's finally home, home, home."

Josie was born on December 10 at only 25 weeks, weighing 1 lb. 6 oz., after Michelle's life-threatening high blood pressure and emergency C-section.

Since then, Josie has battled for her life. She gained weight and was released on April 6, only to return only a few days later when her vital signs fell.

Doctors searched far and wide for a cause of her problems.

A giant family reunion awaits Josie Brooklyn Duggar.

"Her digestive issues have been linked to lactose intolerance," says Dr. Robert Arrington, co-director of the NICU at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

"We are all very happy that she is doing so well and fully expect her to continue to thrive. Today, as she's leaving, she looks like a full-term baby."

Now 7 lbs. 6 oz., Josie is at last ready to settle her into a schedule at their Little Rock rental home with her 18 siblings. Well, actually, only 17 of them.

Her oldest brother Josh, 22, lives with his wife and daughter, who's actually older than her aunt Josie. But they'll come visit for support, we would imagine.

Josie's emotional homecoming from the hospital will be featured on the premiere of 19 Kids and Counting. That's a lot of kids ... and a lot of love to share.


i thnk its kinda cute to a guy who dosent min having alot of beautiful kids in his life and i find that hot


I'm am so glad that Josie has finally made it home safely and sound and may God continue to bless your family. I have watched your show from the beginning and love you values and concepts. Good Luck in future and God Bless. your friend,
Gilea Brock


As long as the welfare system is not feeding all of these children what difference does it make if they have 1 or 19. It's there life as long as they take care of the children. They seem to be good children. I've seen many misbehaved kids running around doing God only knows what like stealing, destroying other peoples property or bullying other kids or being down right rude to adults, these kids don't do those things. There should be more parents raising their children like these and maybe we would have less problems in our society.


i am from Canada and really enjoy watching your wonderful family
i am so glad little Josie is home and thriving
thank you for sharing you family's story
many blessings
Joy Perry


I have followed your family for years and while your lifestyle is not mine it is your life. Some of the comments that others make about your lifestyle are their feelings, if they don't like how you live your life then they should just move on. You are an amazing family and I wish you well.
Congratulations on finally having wee Josie home from the hospital. I hope she continues to do well and grows into a wondeful young lady like her mom and her sisters. Your family is an inspiration to me and gives me hope in some of my darkest days.


I have been following your family ever since you started the show. I'm so proud of your family for the standards you take.
There aren't very many families that live a clean life.
We need more like you.
So glad little Josie is home & doing well. Can't wait until
it come on T.V. so I can see her at a normal weight.
Love you all. Blessings Mary Napper


I am glad Josie is home with her family and doing well love to all of you and god bless


I am so glad that yur youngest bundle of joy made it home afe and sound . God has truely smiled on your family and mae it whole once again, M any prayers and blessing


I only have one word for the Dugger's,BIRTHCONTROL.


Congratulations to the Duggar Family
I know you are happy to have Josie home. God bless each and everyone of you. Bill and Carolyn Burgess

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