Breaking Douchebag News: Jon Gosselin Tattoo Features, Misspells Ellen Ross' Name

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As we reported yesterday, Jon Gosselin recently got a new tattoo of a Korean dragon, representing his heritage and to signify a rebirth or some crap like that.

You'd think Jon, who split with wife Kate Gosselin last year, wouldn't want another fire-breathing creature on his back having just rid himself of one, but hey.

"I wanted something that resembled a rebirth or a change in me," Jon says, apparently no longer content with Ed Hardy t-shirts, hair plugs and dual earrings.

What we didn't know yesterday was that the dragon holds a scroll in each claw with the names and birthdates of his eight children, along with a ninth name.

According to translators, it reads "Erin." The letters "L" and "R" are similiar in Korean, so some have interpreted the ninth name as Ellen. As in Ellen Ross.

Gosselin Style

There's still room on the scroll for Hailey Glassman's name ...

Ellen Ross, of course, is his new plaything. Wouldn't it be Elin if that one letter were switched, though? Hey, Tiger Woods' wife is gonna be back on the market...

Anyway, it's a good thing Jon also got himself a new manager and a life coach. Clearly he needs some help with spelling, as well as financial decision-making.

First of all, it's not only cliched to have Asian characters tattooed on yourself in an attempt to act hard, but how do you not make sure they're translated right?

More importantly, the stupid new ink probably costs as much as one or more child support payments, which the broke ass loser has complained about before.

We're just saying.


are male celebs getting much uglier these days


And? I care about this getting a tattoo? I feel the same about The Witch (Kate). Hope she gets a big one also so she can get more 15 min of fame.
I wish they would both just go away and never be seen or heard from again.


OH did Kate make him get the tatoo ????? She seems to get blamed for everything else while this fool continues to prove what a baboon he really is.Lets not waste any time looking for a job when we can do things like this.


this guy is a big fool. instead of looking for a job to surport his children, he is there going after little girls and paying for an expensive Totoo. i hate it when people say bad things about Kate bcos i beleive Kate is better than Jon. atleast Kate is working hard to have enough money for the kids


I'm wondering if Erin is the latest child. It's possible!


What a fucking TOOL!!! But love the dragon off your back comment, very nice!! He needs to get a job and support HIS EIGHT kids!! They are going to be FUCKED UP!!

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