Jon Gosselin Gets New Tattoo, World Laughs

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Jon Gosselin wants to turn over a leaf. 

A new manager, a life coach and a gigantic tattoo of a dragon across one's back can't change the fact that one is a colossal douchebag, however.

The 33-year-old told Radar Online that he has been doing some soul searching and got the tattoo to signify the changes he is making to his life.

"I have planned this tattoo for years,” the father of eight said in an interview. “I wanted something that resembled a rebirth or a change in me.”

Jon says he picked a Korean dragon because it’s a symbol of rebirth: “The dragon is all encompassing. It has all parts of the zodiac,” Jon said.

Hey, better than Ed Hardy t-shirts: The symbol of tools worldwide.

The New Jon

IF IT WALKS LIKE A DOUCHE: (You know the rest).

The new tattoo was designed at Never Say Die Tattoo Parlor in Harrisburg, Pa., and required 14 hours of work spread out over two trips there.

Time away from the kids very well spent. Jon Gosselin says he showed his eight children the tattoo, and that "they love it and think it’s cool!"

Wonder if they tell their child psychologist the same story.

Jon's new manager, Canaan Rubin, loves the tattoo, which marks a "turning point in his life, and symbolizes a time of change, improvement.”

He's also working with a life coach, Sylvia Lafair. Jon says: “I have just completed Section Two of my Total Leadership Connection program.”

We have no effing idea what that means, but there's a 97 percent chance it's complete BS, not unlike almost everything else the man says.

Still, Rubin praises Jon, who he says is striving to “become a better father, boyfriend, ex-husband, friend, business partner, everything."

There's nowhere to go but up from here, at least. Maybe Ellen Ross will reap the benefits (doubtful). Follow the jump for a pic of his tattoo:

Jon Gosselin Tattoo

Wow. Jon Gosselin is so cool.


Why does everybody pick on Jon. I know I would be in therapy if Kate treated me the way he was treated. She is one nasty control freak. Pick on somebody who deserves it. BTW dating while separated is stupid but not cheating.


What a loser




Jon Gosselin? Who the hell cares? Really! If this is all they have to report on, there must not be any other news out there. Yeah, now I can die happy knowing this.


Seriously how gay is it that the dragon is holding 1970's style sailor scrolls!


That dragon's face looks like the cartoon roadrunner and we all know how he ends up in every cartoon. Good thing it's your back.


what a dork

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