Janine Lindemulder: Jesse James is a Master Con Artist, Thinks Sandra Will Take Him Back

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Jesse James believes Sandra Bullock will return to him ... his ex-wife says.

Janine Lindemulder watched Jesse’s tearful Nightline interview but didn’t buy what he was selling the national TV audience, a source close to the situation said.

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James broke down in tears during the interview while saying he wanted to get caught and saying his father's abuse of him as a child led to his cheating ways.

Lindemulder's not buying it, though, believing it was all a PR stunt.

“As far as Janine is concerned Jesse is just a master con artist," a close close to Janine, who is currently battling James for custody of daughter Sunny, said.

Michelle McGee expressed similar views of his "generic interview."

Jesse James' ex- and soon-to-be-ex-wives are not fans of his.

Jesse's ex-wife does not think the abuse he claimed he suffered at the hands of his father was anywhere near as bad as he claims - or caused any cheating.

Instead, “Janine feels Jesse was scarred towards women after his own mom abandoned him when he was only 7. Jesse is a control freak who reacts badly when he cannot get his way. His father stood up to him at times and he resented that.”

Okay, fine. But why go on Nightline and cry about it?

“He believes that Sandra will take him back in time and that they just have to stay apart for a while for the sake of her public image. His ego is so big that he cannot really accept that he brought about his own downfall and nobody else.”

Janine Lindemulder, a former porn star, will be released from a federal half-way house in Oregon today and is planning to move closer to Sunny in California.


if i will get a chance i whould love to marry janine


Sandra has moved on,and is during well adjusting to life after Jesse James.This dumb-dumb has cried,claimed childhood abuse,and can say he is sorry for as long as he can utter those words,and it will mean absolutely nothing to Sandra.She highly praised him in front of millions of people, and he turned around and publicly humiliated her by the exposure of his cheating heart with paramours from the bottom of the barrel. Sandra will continue to move on in positive directions that does not include Jesse James being draped over her arms.The days of Sandra and Jesse James together are a part of yesterday's news.


Sociopaths like JJ are something else in every way. Far above the average guy in charm, usually looks too, kindness, helpfulness, bedroom ability, just a knight in shinning armor....ALL faked.


Yup, Sandra will take him back. She's another women begging for more abuse.


Yup, I'd say she's right! JJ was not counting on these X's to expose him-guess he thought he had them on his charm bracelet too. *Busted!

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