Jesse James: Moving Closer to Sandra?

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Jesse James may be on the move to Texas, according to reports. Why uproot his life and settle in the Lone Star State? The possibility is twofold:

  • To be closer to his estranged wife Sandra Bullock, who has a residence in Austin, and who sources say he's still trying to win back
  • To get away from ex-wife Janine Lindemulder, who just got out of prison and has said she will sue for custody of their daughter

Lindemulder, who continues to hurl accusations back and forth over Sunny, claims that Jesse is preparing to leave California with their daughter.

That's significant because it effectively denies Janine any possible visitation, as leaving the state would constitute a probation violation. Served!

Hot Jesse James

Jesse James and Michelle McGee ... er, Janine Lindemulder.

James' lawyer had no comment on a Texas move, but still came out swinging against Lindemulder, claiming his ex isn't fit to raise their young daughter.

His rationale for that? Because Janine Lindemulder a "well-known pornography 'actress,' stripper, drug abuser and convicted felon on probation."

Yup, sums it up pretty well right there.

In court documents, Jesse asks the judge to appoint a doctor to evaluate his ex's stability. The judge rejected her bid for temporary visitation.

A formal hearing is set for June 17.

We'll see if James really does move or if Sandra Bullock, who made her first public appearance since the scandal last night, responds kindly to it.


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