Jesse James Claims Ex-Wife is Bigger Mess Than He

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Poor Sunny James.

The six-year-old girl recently lost her de facto mother, Sandra Bullock, after Jesse James cheated on the Oscar winner with nasty Michelle McGee and her ilk.

Janine Lindemulder Mugshot

Now Sunny is the subject of a custody war between James and her mom (his porn star ex Janine Lindemulder), with both claiming that the other is a threat.

Last week, Lindemulder, who just got out of jail and is seeking 50-50 custody of Sunny, termed James a master con-artist who does anything to get his way.

She also says he is moving closer to Sandra in Texas, in part to get away from her, since Janine can't leave the state, obviously. But now he is hitting back.

In legal papers, Jesse paints Lindemulder as an unfit mother, to put it lightly, claiming that she was once drugged out of her mind with Sunny in the car.

Jesse James was married to Janine Lindemulder pre-Sandra Bullock.

Jesse's sister, Julie James England, swears that two years ago, she got a call from Janine, "slurring her words, telling me she's letting my niece, Sunny drive." 

Janine said she was on "some numbing drugs her neighbors gave her from Mexico and she drank tequila" and she and Sunny were "going to get munchies."

Julie claims she sent a friend to Janine's house, who found Janine "passed out in her car in the garage with Sunny." That's extremely disturbing if it's true.

Sgt. Mark T. England, Jesse's brother-in-law and a medic in the Army, also says Janine once asked if he could score her narcotics - Vicodin, Ambien, etc.

England also says he saw Janine perform at a strip club in the past and do lines of cocaine before going on stage. What he was doing there is another story.

In any case, Jesse claims he can provide Sunny with a stable environment, and despite Janine's claims of turning over a new leaf, she poses a very high risk.

A hearing on Lindemulder suing James for custody is set for June 17.


Why is anybody even listening to Janine? These affairs should be left to the courts and keep it out of the tabloids. What they do is their business--why does everybody think they know what goes on in these people's private lives? I do not blame Jesse James for wanting to get out of LA--the stalking of Jesse James kids and reporting of everyone who has any words truth or fiction about him is riciculous and getting old.


Both of the parents are a bunch of RETARDS and shouldn't have Sunny. Looks like the only suitable parent for her is Sandra. If you ask Sunny who she would want to call Mommy-it would be Sandra for sure!! Just because Janine is the bio mom doesn't give her the automatic right to have custody. I have worked in CPS for a long time and seen many bio moms not deserving to have custody. I hope the Judge does the right thing.


didn't janine just request some outrageous childsupport amount from jesse? and she doesn't even have custody of the child! they are all looking for money and some kind of fame. i'm pretty sure she isn't seeking visitation rights to her son (whose dad is a construction worker and doesn't have jesse's money). you cannot compare adultry to janine's drug abuse, pornography, stripping AND ex-con as a husband! she should not have visitation rights to any child.


Uh, what was the BIL doing at the strip joint watching Janine strip? And where was he when he witnessed the cocaine usage? What a choice in parents this poor kid has and she's so cute! Of the two, I guess Jesse would be 'better', for lack of a better word. Maybe Jesse could at least hire a fairly sane nanny to care for Sunny. The mom seems to be a total loser that is only temporarily clean because she's had to be. The best thing in Sunny's and Jesse's life was Sandra. Although, after Sandra's recent lip lock with Scarlett, I'm even wondering about her now.........*sigh


Jesse You are a nasty dirty bastard!!! That child deserves to be w/her mother... you left janine when she was 8 months pregnant for Bullock and then you had nothing to do w/that child for 2 years after she was born... Bullock and james deserve each other for they both have no cuth and no compassion for others.. nice to see what comes around goes around.. writing nasty letters to the judge & using your money to win a child that is not yours.. Janine even said, she would like Sandy to stay in her childs life for she knows how much sunny loves her.. that is unconditional love... not what you Bullock and James have done and still do. As for your brother in law who saw her 'do lines' shouldn't you be upholding the law??? What were you doing at a strip club????? Sounds like a bunch of dirty lies.. Jesse you are scum!!!!! LET THAT LITTLE GIRL BE W/HER MOTHER!!!!

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