Jesse James Attempts, Fails to Cash in on Nazi Photo as Auction Crashes and Burns

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Jesse James either has a really poor sense of humor, is in desperate need of cash or both. Dude has been trying to sell the Red Baron replica airplane seen in the background of his now-infamous Nazi salute photo on eBay.

While using the Nazi pic as a selling point, no less.

The plane is part of an eBay auction operated by West Coast Choppers, Jesse's company. WCC has even published an article on their website promoting the sale.

In the listing, the plane is described as a piece of "pop culture history" due to a cameo appearance in the bottom right hand corner of the Jesse James Nazi photo.

The description reads: "This is the actual model as seen in US, People, In Touch, TMZ, etc. Pictures of you with it may be worth big bucks someday so bid to win."

You can see that sucker below ...

We were definitely gonna bid on that plane.

Jesse recently explained on Nightline that the photo as a "joke ... that was funny then." Apparently he still thinks it's funny now. Then again, Michelle McGee informed us that Nazi pics aren't racist, so perhaps we need to lighten up a bit.

Not surprisingly, the little airplane auction crashed and burned less than two hours after the story broke about its appearance in James' Nazi salute photo.

It's unclear why the post was removed from eBay, especially because the price was skyrocketing from the original $99.99 price, but we have some ideas.

The Red Baron replica was among several items Jesse James is hawking online for a "Spring Cleaning" sales event, yet looks to be the only one removed.

West Coast Choppers had no comment, however, TMZ spoke with a rep from eBay, who confirmed the post was removed by the seller. Fortunately, they were able to snag this screen capture before the auction was taken down ...

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