Jason Davis: Engaged to Millionaire Matchmaker Chick?

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No, not THE Millionaire Matchmaker. Someone he met on it.

From all appearances it seems as though newly rehabbed oily heir Jason Davis is engaged. That's right, Gummi Bear could be off the market, and permanently!

Jason Davis Mug Shot

Davis and his mystery blond dined at The Ivy in Beverly Hills, Calif., this week, where they showed off his lady friend's ring to friends, which apparently he has.

Perhaps Rould 12 in rehab has really done the "Gummi" good - and his stint on Millionaire Matchmaker did too! Or not, really. We don't know who she is.

Any help on that front would be appreciated.

If you keep up on the developments in the dating life of Jason Davis, you are a better man/woman than us when it comes to celebrity gossip. We applaud that.

Jason Davis and his possible fiancee step out.


Michelle Haugo loaned me $3,000,000 so my businesses could survive because I needed money


Anyone that knows Michelle Haugo knows that she is anti-drugs,a great mother and a nice person.anyone that knows Jason Davis knows that he is kind,innocent,lost&cut off from his family.posting anything negative and untrue is just a waste of their time.cuz it only matters to the people who already know them.


He should go back to rehab&leave her alone.she is way better off!


Michelle was never on millianaire matchmaker&doesnt need to be


Last time I checked Davis was broke begging money off of Haugo and all of her friends.Henley and Lottus u r 1 person with 1 objective which is very clear.Davis is homeless because his family kicked him out.being married does equal prostitution in anyones book.you sound jealous of Arabs and mothers and women in general.


He deserves better?loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!


Michelle is a great person
and great mother and should stay away from the trouble makers.she wants to do the best for Jason by getting off drugs which she is against.the Davis family
isn't helping Jason the appropriate way so it seems she stepped in.she should walk away and let them
deal with him and live her successful good happy life the way she was til she met him.


sounds like the gig is up for HER ROYAL WHORENESS michelle haugo


Michelle Haugo was booked into jail by Sargeant S. Lee on 1/20/2008 in Beverly Hills police station. Her LA booking #1143212,
Beverly Hills Local case #080000413.


Michelle Haugo goes around town claiming that she is a saudi princess....and a diplomat lollll. She became pregnant by a saudi prince for being a prostitution whore. She regularly services the saudi royal family. She lives a delusional fantasy actually believing that she is a princess bc she has a SPAWN of a former drug addict prince. LOL she was arrested for dining and ditching at the polo lounge, assaulting a Bev Hills PD COP, and is also being sued by a BHPD cop that she injured. Oh and is also on probabtion LOL, diplomat/saudi princess my ass. That is her CON, she is just a common local american whore, who has never paid taxes on all of her prostitution money! Being supported by her Johns/

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