Jake Pavelka: Possibly Not Into Girls

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Is Jake Pavelka gay? Personally, we don't see it, but there are now two separate reports of this surfacing, and crazier things have turned out to be true.


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    He is totally Gay & confirmed an associate of mine was at a party this past May in LA that was attended by Jake his BF and Vienna. The whole thing was a set up from the begining they are both fame whores trying to be discovered. She is now trying to get a tralier trash reality show about here and here family. THe whole thing was a HUGE set up and the breakup was all planned.


    Vienna is not only a media whore,she's also a whore. Since her hunger for sex wasn't satisfied, she attacked Jake. No one liked her. She would turned off the horniest straight man around given her terrible attitude and personality. Leave Jake alone. He's better off without that bleached mop head. Best of luck, Jake!


    I do think that Jake is a fame whore. That is the impression he gave me. He was in a show in 1999 and never made it. I think that joining the Bachelor was his way to get back in the business. I didn't like his body language and his arrogance in his breakup episode. He seems like a lying, arrogant, controlling fame whore! Seems that majority of the girls and guys that go on that show are simply their to get into show business, and nothing else. I wasn't a huge fan of Vienna, but I think that the way she was treated by Jake was unforgivable. I do believe that he is gay, and time will tell. Perhaps when he is old and gray, the truth will come out of the closet. Not that anything is wrong with being gay, but it's his deception that is the issue.


    Of course he's gay. He needs to come clean with himself, break with the fundamentalist religion he's into (it's not mentally healthy for a gay man to be into it -- I know from experience) and come out. If that means his fifteen minutes of fame is over, so be it.


    If he is, shame on him for coming on the show.


    I think what she said on air in the sneak peek is true but it is true of both her and Jake. It was bound to happen! The truth is they are both media whores or they wouldn't have done the show and continued this media blitz. However I do have to say a BIG "COME ON" when Vienna said that she said she didn't have a voice in the whole thing! REALLY! As for him being "GAY"! To that I can only hope the are both HAPPY and who cares if he is gay.... that relationship won't last either unless Jake figures out what he really wants....SAD! Hey ABC..... Note to self..... Do a better job at trying to find some normal people.....Really!


    He sure danced like he was gay. Look at me....look at me...look at me....puke. Mr. No Pants.


    Don't you think they would figure out he was gay before they put him on a show like the bachelor??


    I KNEW IT!

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