Jake Pavelka "Makes Fist" at Vienna Girardi During Heated, Emotionally-Charged Reunion

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Reuniting for the first time since the end of their fake relationship, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi faced off in a joint interview on Wednesday night.

For a segment to air next month on The Bachelorette, of course.

Vienna Girardi Cheated!

The taped reunion between the fame-obsessed pair, whose breakup is becoming more bitter by the day, quickly got out of hand - and nearly violent.

According to reports, Jake Pavelka "exploded in anger" at Vienna Girardi and at one point turned toward her and pulled his arm back, making a fist.

It was a shocking display that left Vienna in tears, and left witnesses wondering if Jake might be getting ready to straight up whomp his ex-fiancee.

At another point, Jake told Vienna to "shut up" three times.

FAKE COUPLE, REAL DRAMA: That's Jake and Vienna for you.

The Breakup of the Century is dominating headlines this week, prompting ABC to capitalize by secretly reuniting the warring duo for footage that will air July 5.

They had to know what was coming (possibly because they scripted it).

“Jake was visibly angry,” a source said. “At one point he wheeled back and I thought he was going to throw a punch. He pulled his arm back, his hand in a fist.”

Despite obvious tension and drama, a longtime friend of Jake's insists: "Jake would NEVER hit her, EVER. End of story. The guy doesn't even use swear words."

ABC also denies that any punches or near-punches were thrown. "The atmosphere was emotionally charged," the network acknowledged in a statement, but:

"However, and contrary to reports that have surfaced, at no time was anyone physically in harm’s way, nor was anyone ever threatened with physical violence.”

As Bachelorette host-pimp Chris Harrison tried to keep things from getting heated, Pavelka stood up in frustration, asking pointedly, "Will you just let me finish?"

"He couldn't get a word out, it was very reflective of their relationship," says a source, who adds that host Chris often had to tell Girardi, "Vienna, let him talk."

We'll know for sure July 5, but she supposedly storms off in tears.

"Vienna was on the defense. She was trying to play victim."


How could you not see Vienna was not for you. You blew it when you let Ali walk out of your life.


Jake is clearly a jerk. I wouldn't mind sleeping with him but marry him? No way. Vienna didn't come across well, so I wouldn't be surprised if he selected her knowing the public would be fine seeing him dump her.


I wish there was a "Team Noone" button. Sigh...


We saw this coming from the beginning. Jake was overpowered by Vienna's 'tarantula' and now she's made him look like a fool. Jake, what were you thinking? boo hoo hoo


this was the worst show ever, chris i think you should change the
name of the show,(the dateing show to find the RIGHT ONE) because none of these people stay a couple, i only know of one and i have
been watching for years. that would be the fireman with two children.


lol...these two are just morons....nobody cares


these two are the worst, jake, how can you not have seen this coming

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