Ian Ziering and Erin Ludwig: Married!

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Ian Ziering is officially spoken for! Again!

The former Beverly Hills: 90210 star married love Erin Ludwig at Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, Calif. on Friday, just as the sun was starting to set.

Ian Ziering Pic

The couple exchanged vows on a gazebo overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Celebrating with the couple were several 90210 alumni and significant others:

  • Jason Priestley and his wife Naomi
  • Jennie Garth and her husband, Eclipse star Peter Facinielli
  • Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox, who were said to beĀ  "very affectionate" during the bash, according to reliable observers quoted by Us.

Congratulations to Ian Ziering and Erin Ludwig!

The pair spent their first married night together at a villa on the Pelican Hill property. Their next door neighbors for the night? Jessica Alba and Cash Warren on one side, Britney Spears and Jason Trawick on the other.

Wonder if Jamie Spears had an adjoining room too. Kidding!

Ziering announced his engagement to Erin Ludwig in February of this year. A romantic photo of the actor sharing a champagne toast with Ludwig (who wears an engagement ring) is captioned, "So in love with my love am I." What a romantic.

The star split from first wife Nikki in 2002 after five years.

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I know Ian's wife Erin! And I'm not proud to say it. This girl is a scandalous, pathological liar, and she has and will sleep with anyone. She once told me that she would marry an extremely wealthy man she was dating, even though she did not care for him just so that her and her mother could travel and shop all the time. She has no real heart for people, only the intent of pleasing herself however she has to do so. She was called rude at the hospital she worked at, and would constantly sit in the breakroom claiming to be sick (while others picked up her slack.) Thankfully, Ian did get a prenup.


I know Erin from high school, and she is beautiful inside and out. HE is the lucky one!!! Congrats


Hey Ian,congradulations on new wife and soon to come baby. Not sure if the cast remembers me from back in the day. Don't have an imaginary friend problem...didn't qualify to act.Am age 39 now,as you all worked,I studied,did M.D. Residency-Pediatrics and adults.Title: Dr.Stacie Gardner,M.D.-Clinical Psychiatrist and Assistent to Surgeon General USC/County General Hospital. Best Wishes!


she's pregnant. that's why they got married. i work with her and she's a bi*** honestly. horrible nurse.


Some of the above is really awful comments from some - but if true would make the whole thing a joke really.


My girlfriend met him at the Playboy mansion a few years back. That was his usual hang out as he tried to pick up anything that had a pulse and a pair of boobs. He's a pig! Horny beyond your wildest imagination! This YOUNG foolish girl has no idea what she's in for. I feel bad for her, really!


I agree. Use to work with her, He is 46 and she is half his age. What girls will do for money and fake boobs


She is really not attractive. Just though after his first wife he'd have married someone as pretty. She needs to get her eye fixed. She looks way too young for him. I guess guys his age won't marry a women their own age, afraid. They look for the young and naive. I don't think this will last too long.


She is a nurse and not every woman has to be gorgeous. There are many other qualities men may look for and obviously he found it in his new bride. Then again, maybe she is pregnant!!


YIKES!!!! She is horrendous! I thought he would have married someone pretty.