Heidi Montag-Spencer Pratt Separation Confirmed; No Divorce Papers Filed ... Yet

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Ever since it was reported over the weekend, The Hills fans and celebrity gossip readers across the world began pondering the obvious question:

Is Heidi and Spencer Pratt's shocking breakup for real?

Yes, says Heidi's rep, who confirms the separation, effective early last week, to Us Weekly, but explains that nothing legal has been filed ... yet.

"Heidi is going through a difficult time and hopes people respect her privacy," the rep hilariously says, as if Heidi ever sought privacy in her life.

A friend says the Heidi Montag-Spencer Pratt split was her idea, though "there are no plans for divorce. They are going through issues. It's a hiccup."

The source claims Speidi was blindsided by TMZ's Friday report, which divulged that the 'Tag was moving out. Controlling the press no more!

Heidi and Spener Pratt Pose

DONE FOR ... now. Will Speidi reconcile? [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

"She was bummed that it came out," the pal says. Heidi, who's said to be moving in with Jen Bunney, "wanted things to be more settled first."

The Bunney, an aspiring doctor who's in a long-distance relationship, will also be filming the world's worst reality show with Heidi ... supposedly.

Together, their lives' "huge turning points" will be featured, Jen says. "Is [Heidi] going to be a single, independent woman or stay with Spencer?"

"We know fame is fleeting, and that fame is not going to support us for the rest of our lives. We need to make smart decisions right now."

Wait ... Jennifer Bunney is supported by fame now?

The recently-resurfaced, one-time minor Hills player also says Heidi felt an obligation to the MTV show to stick it out until the show wrapped.

Otherwise, she might have left Spencer earlier. According to Bunney, Heidi has not made up her mind on whether she'll divorce her hubby.

Stay tuned. And pick your side:


Good for her. Spencer is the biggest A-hole I've ever seen. I can't believe no one in Hollywood has put his sorry a$$ in the hospital yet. If I ran into him and he was acting like the A-hole we always see, i would put a beat down on him and make him cry like the baby he is.


I wish this was true, but I'm pretty sure this is a fake ploy for a reality show and it's working!


I definitely think she did good leaving him. Anyone who steps in between someone and their family isn't worth being in a relationship with. As much as I'm not a big Heidi fan, good for her for leaving Spencer!


she is so crazy! spencer has totally got her brainwashed. he's probably trying to get her to pretend they are having relationship issues in order to get more money.


I hope this is true and not another weird cries for attention like they like to do in the past. What made her change her mind all of a sudden?? We will have to see what tomorrow brings...


I really hope she does leave him for good! She deserves someone better that doesn't control or brain wash her!


Oh the irony. He forces her to get plastic surgery and then she leaves him because all of a sudden she is out of his league. Ironic, don't you think?


God about time her brain moved from her boobs up to her head!!!

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