Happy Birthday, Kris Allen!

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Adam Lambert may receive more attention, but let's not forget:

Kris Allen won the eighth season of American Idol. The singer hasn't gone on to huge success, though fans can take solace in this fact: he isn't Taylor Hicks, either. Expect Allen to stick around the music scene for years to come.

This talented crooner turns 25 today. He's the face of Ford in new commercials and he also just seems like a really nice guy. Earlier this spring, he helped bring money and attention to the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Gestures such as that earn Allen our respect. Send in your birthday wishes to him today and enjoy the following photo montage of the artist...

At Season 9 Finale
The Idol of America
Top Idol
Allen Singing

Happy Birthday Kris. Don't know why Taylor Hicks's name was used here expecially since Kris has the lowest selling First CD not Taylor. LOL. Hope they are both around for a long time. Both are examples of true musicians not the Pop flavor of the month.


Calm down Taylor Hicks fans...one line about him, get over it. Nobody talked about who sold more or whatever. You have to admit though that Kris is more commercial than Hicks. No need for all the butthurt. Now I hope Kris has a wondeful birthday and I'm proud of his fans who raised money to buy 25 cows to help people in poor areas.


Seriously people? This post isn't about Taylor. It's about Kris' 25th birthday. Either wish him a happy birthday or keep it moving. The only ones trying to start a Stan War here are you guys. Can you hold off on your negativity for just one day? Happy Birthday, Kris Allen!


I guess you don't keep up with the charity work that Taylor Hicks does? You should check it out sometime.
And Taylor has sold many more cd's than Kris.
Kris seems like a nice guy. Why are you trying to start a fan war.
I hope Kris can do as good as Taylor. And what a voice Taylor has.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXrUeW...


You are right Bella, I guess the potshot at Taylor is just to get someone to look at their article. Taylor numbers for albums sold is MUCH better than Kris's and Taylor will be around the music scene long after most of the others are gone because he is not a one trick pony. Taylor can do many things well. I actually think Kris will do fine, but Taylor is 4 times as talented.


WTH? Why take a potshot at Taylor Hicks? And if you want numbers, Taylor is better than Kris. Just wish the guy a Happy Birthday and leave Taylor out of it!

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