Happy Birthday, Kris Allen!

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Adam Lambert may receive more attention, but let's not forget:

Kris Allen won the eighth season of American Idol. The singer hasn't gone on to huge success, though fans can take solace in this fact: he isn't Taylor Hicks, either. Expect Allen to stick around the music scene for years to come.

This talented crooner turns 25 today. He's the face of Ford in new commercials and he also just seems like a really nice guy. Earlier this spring, he helped bring money and attention to the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Gestures such as that earn Allen our respect. Send in your birthday wishes to him today and enjoy the following photo montage of the artist...

At Season 9 Finale
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Happy Birthday Kris. You are a talented guy and I love your new song. Taylor Hicks is also a talented guy and has done well for himself. The only one who is not talented is the writer of this blog


Wow, Velvetine. Really classy to go to a post about someone's birthday & start bashing them about something meaningless and pointless. Stats can be drudged up to support almost any argument, but why not just let this be a positive birthday post?


@kafan, just remember Kris single has been out almost 5 months longer than Adams and Adam is already at 1.4 , plus all his other sales crush Kris, plus he has his OWN tour, sold out everywhere, plus his gold and platinum in Europe, Australia,NewZealand,Japan ,Singapore... so the mealsy 1.5 is nothing and soon Adam will over take that, plus Adams next single is in the top 40- he has 2 in the top 40... so enjoy your the little minor success for a little minor talent. Kris should stick to raising money for charity, he is good at it, he has a good heart, his singing is mediocre at best, he just can't complete with Urban, or Muraz etc. the Fray.... no way.


Happy Birthday Kris Allen....Adam Lambert may receive more attention but he still needs to top the 1.5 million downloads Kris received for the success of Live Like Wer're Dying. It's funny that you didn't mention that in your article, just the Ford Commercial as if that was his only accomplishment. The Truth is climbing the charts now and fans are waiting for future releases such as BWCU & AWM. Hey...do your homework!


Kris is super talented and is there to stay. He's a great guy with 0 selfishness when it comes to help others


Actually, I do wish Kris a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He is SUCH a great guy, and definitely a WINNER! But I will say that I was a Taylor fan in Season 5, and he's a great guy too! And not only that, but neither one of these guys are my #1 Idol - but I am SO sick & tired of the pot-shots made at Taylor, who doesn't deserve ANY of it - all because TPTB started takin pot-shots at him early-on and it's NEVER ENDED! Why in the world would the writer of this article see the NEED to mention Taylor here!!! Why mess up Kris' Birthday by taking yet ANOTHER shot at Taylor! It just makes me ANGRY! It's DUMB! And you other commenters, I understand that this is NOT about Taylor - it's about Kris - so why doesn't this article leave Taylor OUT OF IT! Sheesh! Is your name really "Hilton Hater?"


I am a Kris fan, but I agree with others who say that 'leave Taylor out of this'. Taylor did good on his own and this is about Kris's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRIS! His fans put together a great campaign to help out people with the ALRIGHTWITHMEMOO campaign for Heifer International.


Taylor will be around the music scene long after most of the others are gone because he is not a one trick pony. Ya, ok if you say so Truthiness lol


Happy Birthday Kris. You are an amazing performer and person. Kris Allen is doing very well with his first single "Live Like Were Dying" which went platinum and sold 1.5m copies. His second single "The Truth" is a beautiful song and moving up the charts!


Happy Birthday, Kris Allen. I'm a fan of his music and of him as a person. Respect is right and he deserves it for all he's done and continues to do.