Happy Birthday, Johnny Depp!

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The man who many consider to be the best actor of his generation turns 47 today.

So while Johnny Depp may offer us very little in regard to juicy celebrity gossip stories (seriously, he's not dating Angelina Jolie!), we must acknowledge him with a shout-out and a photo montage.

This is an A-list star who created one of the most iconic characters in movie history. Aye, isn't that right, Captain Jack Sparrow?!?

He's also The Sexiest Man Alive, plain and simple, according to People magazine. Think this is a well-deserved honor? Click on the following pictures for closer looks at Depp and decide for yourself...

J. Depp
Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp
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Happy Birthday Johnny! You're difinately an A list actor, you're wonderfull. I'd like to wish you the best & have a fantastic birthday.


Happy Birthday Capt. Jack...may you have many blessings this year. From a devoted lass in your home state of KY.


Dear Mr. Depp;
I have admired your work as an actor extrordinaire. From
sizzerhands to the Pirates role. But to see you as a serious
actor in your role as George in Blow, you have outdone yourself.
You are in the Al Pachino class as a fabulous caracter actor in
his Scarface role. Have a great birthday and keep them coming.
Regards, B.J.


Happy birthday Johnny!!! Thank you for all the enjoyment you have given us through the characters you have created. From a great-grandma in Covington Ky.


happy birthday jhonny i love you yoou are the best


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!! I am gona c the premiere (idk if thts rite) of ur movie CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG, didn't know u could email him, which I'm sure he's to busy anyway, but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY11111
On hot dad's ur he best, plus you keep ur children outta spot light & the nasty people that exploit stars children. Way to go.


Happy Birthday johnny Depp (Late on!).. Just wanted to wish you a good one. Hope you had a nice time.
Sorry it's late, been busy with exams! Happy Birthday! Love you sooo much. You're AMAZING! xx


happy birthday john, you are the best 4ever :) i just lov you! we just lov you man! God bless ya.