Happy 35th Birthday, Angelina Jolie!

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Angelina Jolie is awesome. We've said it before, and we will again.

Week after week, celebrity gossip magazines will quote anonymous sources, stir up drama, paint an unflattering picture and try to convince us she is nothing but some callous, conniving, vile bitch who ruined the life of Jennifer Aniston.

But the fact mains that Angelina Jolie is a true role model.

Angelina Jolie is The Tourist

An actress as well as a humanitarian and celebrity gossip target, Angelina Jolie is seen here on the set of The Tourist. For all the bad PR she gets, she's pretty great.

Jolie doesn't whine about tabloid coverage. She doesn't Tweet about mundane non-events in her life. She lives a very private, family-oriented existence.

Aside from acting, the star donates millions to charity every year and tries to avoid attention for it, despite critics' claims that she does it solely to look good.

She recently spent time in Haiti, opened a school for refugee returnees in Afghanistan, toured war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina and so on. She never stops.

If you believed tabloids, you'd think drugs, lies and secret lovers comprised her life. In reality, she's a dutiful mother who gets involved in important causes.

THG applauds her, and wishes her the happiest of birthdays. We've put together some Angelina Jolie pictures as a tribute. Share your birthday wishes below ...

Angelina and Brad
Angelina Jolie, Got Milk
Angelina Jolie Nude Photo
Angelina and Knox
Brangelina Love
Jolie in Haiti
Angelina Jolie Nude

I agree she is great I don't give a tweet what anyone says about her. They can take aniston and have her Jen is worthless no talent hollow and only concerned about her body like Clooney's girfriend says she can't even get that right she trys to look like a Barby doll and comes off looking haggard.


feliz cumpleaños,hermosa persona no importa lo que digan las malas personas por dinero,eres una excelente persona,madre y amiga.que dios te bendiga y te cuide siempre a ti y atu hermosa familia.


Happy Birthday to you. Girl, you rock. Keep doing what you do and may God continue to bless you abundantly. I see that there is a wave of celebrity adoptions going on now. They're all following in your footstep. You will reap what you sow. All those Anniston crybabies, all I can say is, get a life and move on. Angela did not steal your man.


Thank You, Thank You for such a heartfelt and honest article about Miss Jolie. I know that inspite of all the nastiness and slander that is written about her by people consumed by hate, she and her family are blessed. Happy Birthday Angie from someone who admires your strength and sense of purpose in this messed up world, where mediocrity is rewarded. My faith in the gossip media is somewhat restored after reading this wonderful tribute to Angie. All is not lost


Happy Birthday Angelina! I also can't believe all the hatred that's been thrown at this woman from the tabloids, non-fans
and fans of Aniston. It's verging on a complete sickness. They've spun some horrible tales which shows how truly nasty the people-- who live on gossip lies and tabloids--can be. As far as I can see, Angelina has been doing great humanitarian work for 10 years now (which is something her detractors always downplay or ignore), she works and is a cool mom. There's nothing to hate here
and I wish people would leave her alone. If you don't like her, don't comment. Go on to a celeb you do like. As for me, I do like her movies and she seems like a lady who is doing her best with her life. Good luck Angelina and I wish you the best!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELINA JOLIE! You are an inspiration........... and still gorgeous! Best wishes for a happy celebration with Brad and your lovely family! Salute and much love.


Feliz Cumpleaños!! Te admiro mucho, por ser especial en las peliculas, por demostrar que las mujeres no son todas "tontas" sino que podemos más y más aún por dedicarte a formar una familia y ser tan solidaria. Muchas veces, nosotros que somos de una clase media, sentimos que los "ricos" son indiferentes a las distintas circunstancias de la vida, y vos sos "la excepción de la regla". Que Dios te bendiga y alumbre tu camino!!.


I am so glad someone has finally written a positive side of Angelina, as a older woman who has gone through difficult times with their father I can understand some f her feelings that only she can address. we need more people like her in the world. I would like to one day meet her and share some my life experiences that I feel would assist her in her quest for a happy and peaceful life.
take care Angelina and love from a stranger.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE ♥ She's beautiful inside and out, what a true inspiration. Thanks for such a lovely article on the birthday girl.


My oldest daughter and you have the same b-day...two GREAT and wonderful people born on June 4th! So proud of you both. You are inspirational to many...keep up the good image!

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