Happy 35th Birthday, Angelina Jolie!

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Angelina Jolie is awesome. We've said it before, and we will again.

Week after week, celebrity gossip magazines will quote anonymous sources, stir up drama, paint an unflattering picture and try to convince us she is nothing but some callous, conniving, vile bitch who ruined the life of Jennifer Aniston.

But the fact mains that Angelina Jolie is a true role model.

Angelina Jolie is The Tourist

An actress as well as a humanitarian and celebrity gossip target, Angelina Jolie is seen here on the set of The Tourist. For all the bad PR she gets, she's pretty great.

Jolie doesn't whine about tabloid coverage. She doesn't Tweet about mundane non-events in her life. She lives a very private, family-oriented existence.

Aside from acting, the star donates millions to charity every year and tries to avoid attention for it, despite critics' claims that she does it solely to look good.

She recently spent time in Haiti, opened a school for refugee returnees in Afghanistan, toured war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina and so on. She never stops.

If you believed tabloids, you'd think drugs, lies and secret lovers comprised her life. In reality, she's a dutiful mother who gets involved in important causes.

THG applauds her, and wishes her the happiest of birthdays. We've put together some Angelina Jolie pictures as a tribute. Share your birthday wishes below ...

Angelina and Brad
Angelina Jolie, Got Milk
Angelina Jolie Nude Photo
Angelina and Knox
Brangelina Love
Jolie in Haiti
Angelina Jolie Nude

Angelina i am a big fan i love everthing you do and i find you are a great influence on young people i pray for you and brad every day that all is well with you both and your family i love both of you together have a happy birthday and i wish you and your family the best i hope one day i will meet you it is my dream love rebecca.


I love Angelina and thank you for such an awesome blog about such an inspiring and beautiful woman who puts everyone else before herself. She and Brad have such a beautiful love and a beautiful family. Happy Birthday Angie! Her twins were born just two days before my son so happy early birthday to them as well!!


hi angie happy birthday to u god gives long and beautiful life for u and to your family members


Happy Birthday, Angelina! Such an inspiration seeing you. You don't just give money from a distance but comfort the refugees in person. People feel cared for when you give your time to them.


thank you!!!!!!!!!!


Finally, a rave review for an astounding person who lives and presents herself for who she is... beautiful,intelligent,compassionate,generous,a fabulous and intense actress. More than anything else though are the looks, touches, smiles and body language any time the media captures you with your family. The love you have for your family absolute flows through the cameras lenses and cannot be questioned! How sad that our media vultures are so intent on the destruction of any positve relationship in this country and beyond. Thank you for being so strong and setting such a powerful example for those of us who believe in honest relationships and not in the falsehoods of the 'Media Mud'. Blessings on this 2010 birthday and for all those yet to come. Godspeed.


Happy Birthday to the most amazing lady on earth. Just like Angelina, I don't care what the others said. I am focused to love her, her vision, her wonderful family, and her career. I agree with you she's a dutiful mother who gets involved in important causes. Indeed, A Role Model, A PHILANTHROPIST! Happy Birthday, Angelina! more blessings!


I am one of Angelina Jolie's biggest fan, Love her..And because i an a fan of hers i never believe what the tabloids write about her, i only buy magazines that she does a sitdown interview with and is she doesn't say it i don't believe it...Like i said love her...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGIE.


My birthday is today, June 4th. All the cool people are born on June 4th. Love you lots!


happy birthday angie!!

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