Glam Nation Sensation: Adam Lambert Kicks Off Tour in NYC

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Adam Lambert kicked off his Glam Nation summer tour last night in New York City with an impression of the Mad Hatter, a bit of man-on-man action and, of course, great music.

The artist performed at the Nokia Theater and, because we've been critical of Miley Cyrus for a simulated same-sex kiss, her ignorant fans will likely get on our case for standing up for Adam and his actions below. But there are major differences here:

  • Miley is straight and pretended to make out with a girl just to seem edgy. Adam actually is gay.
  • Lambert has been flamboyant and eccentric from the moment he stepped on the American Idol stage. Fans always knew exactly what they were getting with him, as there's been no sudden transformation just to sell records - and his clothes remain intact!
  • Adam is not 17 years old.
Man on Man Action

As loyal THG readers know, we adore Adam Lambert.

Few artists out there deliver the kind of energy, enthusiasm and creativity as this former American Idol finalist. Click on the pics below to get closer looks at him in concert last night...

Lambert in Concert
On-Stage Antics
Nokia Theater Performance
Totally Decked Out
The Tour Begins
NYC Concert Photo
Eccentric Outfit
Adam on Fire
What a Performer
First Tour Stop

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adam didnt kick his tour off last night though, its been going for like 12 shows already!


Sorry, but this is Rock N Roll! I think we have had so many Disney stars (Miley) shoved down our throats we forgot Rock N Roll! Let Adam be Adam! If he is feeling frisky on stage with his music why not? With his insane talent I cannot for the life of me understand why people want to dwell on one little piece of his show! His vocals were flawless again last night and his moves are sexier than sex itself! The guy has it all, he is the whole package and he is real! He owns his performance, not copying, not pretending, just being himself! I have never been so blown away from an entertainer in a long while, he is fresh, exciting and damn good! This is one concert where I am not satisfied seeing once, Adam just makes me want to keep going back for more! Exceptional artist!


Perfect commentary on the difference between Lambert and Cyrus. Other than keeping his sexual preferences to himself during Idol (a perfectly appropriate and professional move) he has been open about being gay since Idol ended and has NOTHING to apologize for. Cyrus, on other had, seems to be missing a chip when it comes to understanding how and why people are upset with her. Hollywood Gossip's tone is absolutely right on when it comes to Cyrus and Lambert. Keep up the good work.


Thx for the edit. Loved the show - this man's voice is unreal and I appreciate Adam being Adam.


Adam is an amazing performer. His vocals sound even more amazing live. You are right, fans know what they are getting when they go to an Adam concert, and we LOVE it. Bring on the Glam! Thank you Adam for staying true to yourself.


Oh it cut me off. :( Thank you though this makes a lot more sense.


Thanks for the update. I appreciate your objectivity and that you thought out the original posting and the differences between Adam and Miley.


Oh hey you edited


If he starts making out with Cam the keyboardist, who is also gay, then I will be the first to criticize Adam for antics.


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