Glam Nation Sensation: Adam Lambert Kicks Off Tour in NYC

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Adam Lambert kicked off his Glam Nation summer tour last night in New York City with an impression of the Mad Hatter, a bit of man-on-man action and, of course, great music.

The artist performed at the Nokia Theater and, because we've been critical of Miley Cyrus for a simulated same-sex kiss, her ignorant fans will likely get on our case for standing up for Adam and his actions below. But there are major differences here:

  • Miley is straight and pretended to make out with a girl just to seem edgy. Adam actually is gay.
  • Lambert has been flamboyant and eccentric from the moment he stepped on the American Idol stage. Fans always knew exactly what they were getting with him, as there's been no sudden transformation just to sell records - and his clothes remain intact!
  • Adam is not 17 years old.
Man on Man Action

As loyal THG readers know, we adore Adam Lambert.

Few artists out there deliver the kind of energy, enthusiasm and creativity as this former American Idol finalist. Click on the pics below to get closer looks at him in concert last night...

Lambert in Concert
On-Stage Antics
Nokia Theater Performance
Totally Decked Out
The Tour Begins
NYC Concert Photo
Eccentric Outfit
Adam on Fire
What a Performer
First Tour Stop

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@ Whoever posted this quote: "I'm not sure what you're talking about. The fans going to the show know what they are getting into. They paid for their ticket. The know he's unpredictable like that and they're fine with it." You make a GREAT point! Mileys fans (and more importantly, her fans parents -- most of whom are paying for the tickets and the gear) going to her show expect a slightly older version of Hannah Montana, not a bad imitation of Modonna. You are absolutely right... If I buy a ticket to see Lambert I expect exactly what he delivers in concert; but I DON'T want to see Miley kissing a girl or showing her privates. I don't expect that, I wouldn't pay for that from her (I would rather see Modonna who did that well!! Not as a wanna be). Great Point.


THG, thanks for your support of this amazingly talented and very sweet & postive young man.


It wasn't even a kiss - it was a lick which lasted about 5 seconds within a concert with absolutely outstanding vocals. You seriously could have blinked and missed it, this is not a big deal.


@for_real_tho here is some proof that what Adam is now and what he has always been. Do you want to eat your words now or later?


It was just a very brief lick off of the very best ice cream cone that exists on this earth. HOT!


@for_real_tho Annie is correct. Adam has been doing this for years. At The Burning Man & The Zodiac Show,etc. Maybe you should google him and see the stuff he did pre-idol. Go to youtube. Check you facts before spewing negativity. Check this site out.... http://community.livejournal.c...


Adam=sexy and FUN!!!


annie, for about 5 months in'07, adam did stand in as the lead singer of an undergound glam rockband...other than that, he was all about theater and cabaret...those few months, several years ago, hardly add up to YEARS....great that he has found his "ideal image", since then...just dont pretend that this is who he has always been & he is not playing the shock & attention card he doesn'tget up & put on this mask for the attention...this is just bullcrap


@for_real_tho LOL Adam's been doing this for YEARS. He used to be way more intense even. We're talking holographic leggings, and jewels around his nipples while he was holding a giant ON FIRE staff. This is who he is, and has been for a long time. I don't really care what Miley does, whatever its making her money but there IS a different between when she pretends to kiss someone to be more enticing to her male audience than when Adam gets flirty on stage.


I'm not sure what you're talking about. The fans going to the show know what they are getting into. They paid for their ticket. The know he's unpredictable like that and they're fine with it. This was a "private" show for the fans. He's been doing the "public" shows like KFEST, KISS radio concerts, WHAM BAm concert, MMVAs etc. and he's toned it down A LOT. Lots of people there for other artists were cheering for him. It was all about the music there (look them up in YouTube if you don't believe me). And theatrics is what he's into. It's where he started. In other words: your argument is invalid.

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