Glam Nation Sensation: Adam Lambert Kicks Off Tour in NYC

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Adam Lambert kicked off his Glam Nation summer tour last night in New York City with an impression of the Mad Hatter, a bit of man-on-man action and, of course, great music.

The artist performed at the Nokia Theater and, because we've been critical of Miley Cyrus for a simulated same-sex kiss, her ignorant fans will likely get on our case for standing up for Adam and his actions below. But there are major differences here:

  • Miley is straight and pretended to make out with a girl just to seem edgy. Adam actually is gay.
  • Lambert has been flamboyant and eccentric from the moment he stepped on the American Idol stage. Fans always knew exactly what they were getting with him, as there's been no sudden transformation just to sell records - and his clothes remain intact!
  • Adam is not 17 years old.
Man on Man Action

As loyal THG readers know, we adore Adam Lambert.

Few artists out there deliver the kind of energy, enthusiasm and creativity as this former American Idol finalist. Click on the pics below to get closer looks at him in concert last night...

Lambert in Concert
On-Stage Antics
Nokia Theater Performance
Totally Decked Out
The Tour Begins
NYC Concert Photo
Eccentric Outfit
Adam on Fire
What a Performer
First Tour Stop

[Photos: Splash News]


I adore him too, for never being afraid to be himself.


So hot, so lovely. Both men are beautiful and sensual like Britte commented. It has nothing to do with gender.


Mr. Lambert's actions seem propelled by real impulse and not calculation. Appreciate how you distinguished him from Miley. I agree--we are seeing a young man who is feeling free to be himself.


Fantastic--Adam is real and he is on fire!!!


You're so right- Adam has been Adam from the get-go, and even though he's a wild performer, he has always been true to himself. All sides of himself: crazy/OTT, sexy, AND emotional/subtle. In the context of this song and the setting, the licking action was hot and sexy and totally appropriate. Good for him!
He's by far the bravest artist out there today.


It is soooo hot to see a little open man on man kiss/lick. Yum. Sensuality hasn't a thing to do with gender or sexual preference. If you don't like Adam Lambert and object to what he is or does don't read things that are written about him. It's your choice to be here, no one is twisting your arm. Go click on something else. Go, go, go. Bleh.


It's time to show the world that men can kiss each other and people aren't going to turn to stone watching it. Women make out all the time to entertain men, so now it's our turn to get a little man-on-man action. Isn't this better than watching people beat up and shoot each other in games and movies everywhere. Once we watch men kiss for a while people will stop clutching their pearls in shock.


@for_real_tho: Adam said shock is fun and he also admitted that he likes to get attention. So what? He got the talent and deserved more attention. This is not a mask. Just some ways for him to express certain type of music visually. As for the "glam hair or image," yeah he hadn't been that way all the time, because he likes to change and keep the diversity both musically and visually. So, come off? Maybe. He sure will bring something new and interesting to keep entertaining himself and his fans.
In addition, so far Adam never said anything against your Miley. He even PRAISED Miley Cyrus in 2 interviews! (MSN interview for MMVA) (Access Hollywood on MMVA)
NO NEED to attack Adam, otherwise you're just doing things that you hate others doing.


Please stop all these negativity and positively enjoy this great talent, Adam Lambert. He did this tastefully and I was privileged to be at the Nokia last night to experience Adam live and up close. Adam is stunning in person, trimmer and slenderer than I have expected, with extremely gorgeous face. No wonder all his photo shoots are beautiful. At first I thought it was the reknown photographer or photoshop, no, it was because Adam IS BEAUTIFUL. I love his CD but it was very exciting to hear his live performance. His incredible voice lifting me up and down and up again through the night. When it ended with Whole Lot'f Love, everybody went crazy when he hit those incredible notes. NOBODY can sing like Adam Lambert. He is a true legend and he made me a believer. Thanks Adam.


Why all these arguments? It was mere seconds and just a lick on a face at a concert. Why is that a big deal especially in NYC? I kind of understand why you had to write about this particular minute of his 65 min. performance. But, this is not shocking nor new. Obviously, Adam goes with the flow, for he was completely PG, bordering Disney on the night I have seen the show. I give NYC audience credit for making him feel comfortable, fun and cheeky. I love his theatrics, it's the entertainment. His amazing vocal and stage presence totally back up his game. One of the best performer I have ever seen!

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