Glam Nation Sensation: Adam Lambert Kicks Off Tour in NYC

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Adam Lambert kicked off his Glam Nation summer tour last night in New York City with an impression of the Mad Hatter, a bit of man-on-man action and, of course, great music.

The artist performed at the Nokia Theater and, because we've been critical of Miley Cyrus for a simulated same-sex kiss, her ignorant fans will likely get on our case for standing up for Adam and his actions below. But there are major differences here:

  • Miley is straight and pretended to make out with a girl just to seem edgy. Adam actually is gay.
  • Lambert has been flamboyant and eccentric from the moment he stepped on the American Idol stage. Fans always knew exactly what they were getting with him, as there's been no sudden transformation just to sell records - and his clothes remain intact!
  • Adam is not 17 years old.
Man on Man Action

As loyal THG readers know, we adore Adam Lambert.

Few artists out there deliver the kind of energy, enthusiasm and creativity as this former American Idol finalist. Click on the pics below to get closer looks at him in concert last night...

Lambert in Concert
On-Stage Antics
Nokia Theater Performance
Totally Decked Out
The Tour Begins
NYC Concert Photo
Eccentric Outfit
Adam on Fire
What a Performer
First Tour Stop

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c i knew this website hates miley...n miley didnt really kiss the girl she was still able to sing so she couldnt hav been kissin her...ya shes straight but whats the problem with kissing someone the same sex...haven u guys kiss yr parents b4? surely 1 is the same sex so what all the fuss about


OMG seeing Adam and tommy making out turns me on sooo much ohh i just luv them! :)


and one more thing...your BOy,is not pretty n Handsome like,just leave him...find other people...sorry to say..tatata peace be upon you...


I respect what you say ... but I hope that Adam is not excessive when entertaining people ... I am very interested in Adam, but his attitude on stage is less offensive in my eyes ... perhaps others as well ... what I mean to emulate Michael jackson was when he felt a lot of the burden in his life, he will find peace and find meaning and purpose of life ... he is also opposed to the Illuminati even gave their lives ... I'm proud of it ... to Adam: I hope you will show the Way of God ... there is no perfect in this world ... however you an honest person and very, very, very talented ... I hope you also will oppose the Illuminati ....


When Adam dies tomorrow, he may say that he sows a bit of happiness in the hearts of his fans.. at least for some hours,or for the more hard core fans... for days, months or even for a year since American Idol....


oh my're right man!i mean.. holyofislam...your words really2 touched me...I think there are correctness of what you too!will pray for Adam...


but I can not deny that you have a very high quality sound ... but I do not think that someone who was a former American Idol contestant looks very good and now he has turned into a .......... Let you own a thought ... I hope Adam has always pray that he will get the truth all too...Amin....


probably what I say, do not be agreed upon by others TOO open-minded ... but what I say, necessarily what was taught in school, right? also what your religion taught ... do you use it? and of course many people can not accept what I am trying to advise ... because they too worship their favorite artist ... right? I am also very interested in Adam, but I still know the difference of good and bad.. A legend must also show a good example, right? I hope Adam can emulate Michael Jackson ...


what!when you want to realize...your actions can not be followed by other people..especially your fans who were children!fans still love you even if you do not do the hot action..likely that more fans will like you if you behave politely..foreign fans also will respect you more!you should not too obsess with fun...when you died tomorrow, would you still have fun in the grave?sometimes we also need to think about the purpose of our life .. never did you think? on your views, why did you created this world? necessarily have reason..only those with no religion who does not know the purpose of this life..did you know?


Thanks for the fan service, boys, we LOVE it.

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