Gary Coleman Death Photo: Released, Disturbing

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As Gary Coleman lay dying, his near-lifeless body hooked up to tubes, Shannon Price posed for a photo with her ex-husband, knowing full well it would be of value.

After she pulled the plug and took him off life support, very little time passed before shockings image "leaked" and ended up sold to a celebrity gossip tabloid.

We can't think of many things more upsetting.

While Price claims that she never intended for the Gary Coleman death photos to get out, that's incredibly hard to believe, since she blatantly posed for them.

It's not like she's given us any reason to think she's above that, either. Instead, from the instant Gary died, Shannon Price has acted like the worst person ever.

Even before she was tied to the Gary Coleman death photo ...

  • In somewhat sketchy fashion, she referred to him as her husband many times, even though they legally divorced in 2008 and never remarried
  • She was borderline nonchalant when making the 911 call, and declined to drive him to the hospital because she didn't want to be traumatized
  • If she wasn't hawking interviews in the aftermath of Coleman's demise, she was feuding with the star's family members over burial plans

Follow the jump to see the photo, published on the cover of the Globe tabloid. Be forewarned, the aforementioned picture of Price and Coleman is sickening ...

It's hard to say what's worse: Shannon Price taking this, or Globe buying it. Both deserve each other - and first class tickets somewhere very warm.

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I can honestly say she is the most disgusting person in Hollywood. I am even more sickened that people would give her money for this picture, they are even worse because it gives her justification to sell them knowing someone out there would purchase them.


If you want to earn money you stupid mean, nasty b@$ch, then get a job!!!! You're disgusting and heartless. I believe in karma! What a nasty piece of work you are!


I hope that crazy b**** gets exactly whats coming to her...nothing but bad s***! How can anyone do this to someone they love...evil money hungry b****s thats who.


This is so sad! What a tragedy!


holy f*ckin s*it. dats crazy


The fact that that she posed for the picture in the manner that she did shows the type of money hunry person she really is. And now has the audacity to contest his will..If he really wanted that thing to have any of his stuff he would have drawn up a will leaving her the benificary..This is a sad world that we live in when people like her can do what she's doing..all i can say is Karma is a M.F.


I know one thing, if this was my father,mother or child's picture on display,whom ever did it would not like me very much,you just don't do things like this man,give Mr.Gary coleman some respect,he was alright with me, yes, he made me laugh,I'v been missing you Gary for years,now you can rest my child,God bless you and your family, which includes your mother and father.Doesn't matter which one's,I was apdopted too.


Photo makes you wanna vomit.


Everyone is saying that this woman is a murderer, well cant the police see this.
I grew up watching gary and was shocked too see what he turned into . Once again it comes down to the parents of these child stars these are the ones that should be locked up also.


I am the same age as Coleman and grew up watching him. I always liked him though, there was something about him where I felt he was a decent person, he just made bad choices. I was disappointed when I would read the trouble he got into but I feel it wasn't all his fault. He didn't exactly have the best childhood. Her actions with this photo are truly disturbing. Who would take a picture of their beloved on their death bed let alone sell it and have it posted for the world to see? I pray they look into this matter more.