Gary Coleman Death Photo: Released, Disturbing

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As Gary Coleman lay dying, his near-lifeless body hooked up to tubes, Shannon Price posed for a photo with her ex-husband, knowing full well it would be of value.

After she pulled the plug and took him off life support, very little time passed before shockings image "leaked" and ended up sold to a celebrity gossip tabloid.

We can't think of many things more upsetting.

While Price claims that she never intended for the Gary Coleman death photos to get out, that's incredibly hard to believe, since she blatantly posed for them.

It's not like she's given us any reason to think she's above that, either. Instead, from the instant Gary died, Shannon Price has acted like the worst person ever.

Even before she was tied to the Gary Coleman death photo ...

  • In somewhat sketchy fashion, she referred to him as her husband many times, even though they legally divorced in 2008 and never remarried
  • She was borderline nonchalant when making the 911 call, and declined to drive him to the hospital because she didn't want to be traumatized
  • If she wasn't hawking interviews in the aftermath of Coleman's demise, she was feuding with the star's family members over burial plans

Follow the jump to see the photo, published on the cover of the Globe tabloid. Be forewarned, the aforementioned picture of Price and Coleman is sickening ...

It's hard to say what's worse: Shannon Price taking this, or Globe buying it. Both deserve each other - and first class tickets somewhere very warm.

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what kind of person would do something like that to a man as great as colemen. I pray God forgive her.


I was in the grocery store yesterday and seen this at the checkout. It was very disturbing, and for her to do something like this is (as well as the 911 call) far beyond any way of thinking...or caring...for anyone except for herself. The Globe should be ashamed, just sick...sick.


gary coleman was a very talented man who faced the worst. his x-wife had no reason to be at the hospital anyways. it is a shame she could be so cold hearted. gary coleman will always be in our hearts! rest in peace gary. rest in peace.


I don't know what else to say except you've got to be kidding me.


I do not think Gary Coleman would have wanted any of this even after his demise. Please let him rest in peace and not refer to his pain anymore. It is a shame that such a photo should have been allowed to be taken. It is utterly appauling to say the least. It was poor judgement and out of character. Gary Coleman brought lots of laughter during his childhood and he was a bright and loving human being. Lets remember Gary Coleman with dignity.


why do you have the photo on your site if you think its so bad? you are no less disgusting then shannon or the globe, just because you didnt take the picture or buy the picture. If you truly believe its an outrage, boycott the circulation of the picture and get off the bandwagon!!


Poor Gary deserved better than this. RIP, my friend.


This Shannon chick is weird-looking. Doesn't she look strange? I can't quite put my finger on it, but she's a misfit for sure. Poor Gary Coleman had his health problems to deal with all of his life, and she's just exploited him after death with the photos. Nothing good can come to Shannon, as she is creating very bad karma.


The fact she posed for the photos, sold the photos and then had tht body cremated is a clear sign she had something to do with his death. But on her death bed, God will judge her and give her what all murders get from the Father Almighty. Say hello to Dana in Heaven Gary !!!!!


This woman is a shameless exploiter who lacks any normal conscience. I do believe there should be further investigation into the circumstances of Gary's death. Why was she in such a hurry to have the plug pulled on Gary? She had no authority, morally or legally, to make that decision because she was long divorced from Gary and not his next-of-kin. If she fraudulently told the hospital she was his wife, this should be looked upon as very suspicious in relation to all her behaviours before and after Gary's death. It seems to me she's not grieving the loss of someone she cared for, but was only too happy to have him gone, the sooner the better, so she could capitalize on it. She's a disgrace, and doesn't deserve to be called a human being.