Gary Coleman 911 Call: Shannon Price Doesn't Wanna Be Traumatized!

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The 911 call made when Gary Coleman fell last week at his home in Utah is not for the faint of heart. Be forewarned: It is graphic, upsetting material.

Well, unless you're his wife, Shannon Price. Woman didn't seem too moved by the whole situation - at least not enough to drive Coleman to the hospital.

“I don’t know what happened,” Price told the dispatcher, requesting that they "send someone quick because I don’t know if he’s going to, like, be alive.”

Gary was conscious during the call, but Shannon says he's "like, not with it." Price then added that "I'm gagging. I've got blood on myself. I can't deal."

On the call, Shannon initially refused to walk over and assess Gary’s condition because she was stressed and she doesn’t “want to be traumatized.”

Imagine how Gary felt ...

She also told him numerous times to put pressure on a cut on the back of his head and to "Sit down!" as if he were some sort of animal. It's really sad.

We realize Shannon Price suffers from seizures and was in the throes of trauma, but she certainly doesn't come off very sympathetic here ... or useful.

The 911 call was placed Wednesday, before the actor was hospitalized. Gary Coleman died Friday morning when Shannon removed him from life support.

Might his brain hemorrhage have been prevented or treated more effectively after a swifter response? Might she have waited longer to see if he recovered?

There's no way to know. But it makes you wonder. Just saying.


How said for Gary. I hope the police arrest Shannon Price for the murder of Gary Coleman. I don't care what type of medical condition you have if someone you love is laying on the floor with an open head wound bleeding profusely you gut instinct will tell you to help them. You will not be concerned about yourself...your concern would be saving your husband's life. All of her phrases were prefaced with "you know". Shannon Price is lying and I believe she had everything to do with Gary's death. What a shame!!


this heffa needs to be checked out. She is probably looking for a quick pay day. To gary's parents pls go after this chick. We smell a RAT!!!




This woman should damn well be locked up. The keys should be thrown away.


Poor Gary! I remember him so well from Different Strokes. As a child, he radiated love and warmth, and I believe that is who and what he was as a person. Life brought a lot of challenges to him, and I wish things had gone better for him in his later years. I'm very sad to hear of his passing at such a young age. As to the circumstances of his death, I hope there will be a thorough autopsy to look for anything suspicious. His EX-wife needs to be investigated and questionned at length about the circumstances surrounding his 'accident' and her hasty decision to end life support. As his EX, she had no authority to make that decision. I haven't been able to bring myself to listen to the 911 recording; reading through the comments here were hard enough. Rest in peace, dear Gary!


She needs to go to jail, lied to authorities about her as his wife, when divorced, and no children the parents automatically step in as next of kin, they probably think this is just a mixed up black person, his parents need to press the law, regardless if they were not talking to their son at the time. there are miracles every day, people coming out of brain trauma. they should have given it more time. there needs to be an investigation. she stood back like a stranger and watched this helpless man bleed. Shame shame on her, she will get hers.


shannon price had something to do wit gary's fall cuz on the 911 call she sounded like she didnt care she didnt even wana help her own husband she is foul


who is shannon price?
i am praying for Gary coleman.


The police report is on Radar Online. The wife made it sound like the floor was covered in blood. The police report does not indicate that. That woman is disgusting on every level. Animals have more compassion. I also saw a video of her saying she could not afford his funeral and hopes fans will provide. Is she a psycho b*tch from hell or what.


wow, how cold hearted and she has her dog? who cares about the dog. that poor guy. i can't imagine...she keeps talking about herself...i've been sick and i have fever and if i stress i'll seize..then why isn't she seizing the whole time? coz she ain't really stressed about anything except she has blood on her hands. wonder if that is in more ways than one and now she cut off his life support. hmmmm why didn't she let his parents or family decide if they wanted to deal with a ''ali'' gary coleman? she sure don't sound panicked to me. calm cool just can't handle the blood can't even put a towel on the wound.

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