Gary Coleman 911 Call: Shannon Price Doesn't Wanna Be Traumatized!

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The 911 call made when Gary Coleman fell last week at his home in Utah is not for the faint of heart. Be forewarned: It is graphic, upsetting material.

Well, unless you're his wife, Shannon Price. Woman didn't seem too moved by the whole situation - at least not enough to drive Coleman to the hospital.

“I don’t know what happened,” Price told the dispatcher, requesting that they "send someone quick because I don’t know if he’s going to, like, be alive.”

Gary was conscious during the call, but Shannon says he's "like, not with it." Price then added that "I'm gagging. I've got blood on myself. I can't deal."

On the call, Shannon initially refused to walk over and assess Gary’s condition because she was stressed and she doesn’t “want to be traumatized.”

Imagine how Gary felt ...

She also told him numerous times to put pressure on a cut on the back of his head and to "Sit down!" as if he were some sort of animal. It's really sad.

We realize Shannon Price suffers from seizures and was in the throes of trauma, but she certainly doesn't come off very sympathetic here ... or useful.

The 911 call was placed Wednesday, before the actor was hospitalized. Gary Coleman died Friday morning when Shannon removed him from life support.

Might his brain hemorrhage have been prevented or treated more effectively after a swifter response? Might she have waited longer to see if he recovered?

There's no way to know. But it makes you wonder. Just saying.


Something is fishy here. Wouldnt stop the blood on a dying mans head? Pulled the plug and she has no authority to do so? Posed with him on his death bed and sold the photos? So calm? If she has a life insurance policy on him, that seals the deal.


That woman is just terriable. I cant belive she just left him like that. Most people in this world would of helped at least to stop the bleeding . He may have lived if she just applied preassure. God will take care of her.


There'll be no oscar nomination for this one..........I know I'm calm in a crisis (no screaming etc) but hell - she didn't even go and check the man!!!! What person says - oh I can't cope with the love of my life being in trouble, I'm gonna leave him ..............that'll work for me. How soulless!


Gary Coleman overcame so much and achieved
stardom in spite of overwelming odds. I hope
that people never forget this! RIP Gary!


he is non her words "oh my god im freakin gagging" its your husband not some random person


Okay so apparently, because this so-called "wife" or "non-wife" of his "seizes" as she claimed on the call, she wouldn't even go to his aid?! Are you kidding me????!!!! That is the height of selfishness, narcissism and utter disregard for someone who she claims to love's life! Look, I may not have been a fan or even given Gary Coleman much if any thought over the years, but when someone is hurt in such a precarious way, you suck it up, and go help them. It's just unbelievable that anyone who sees another hurt that way wouldn't do what they could to prevent their ultimate demise! DISGUSTING! She'll probably be ripped apart by the press if not already happening. You know what? SHE'D DESERVE THAT!


You commentators are laughable. There was no love lost that's why they divorced.There won't be an autopsy because the doctors checked him out & declared him brain damaged (remember - the bleeding?) Romona's comment is off the wall. She is talking about a WILL. It hasn't been determined if he has a will. His medical proxy listed Shannon's name.She had the last word. The doctor's stated they could do nothing else for him. Do the public a favor folks - never volunteer as a juror. You could write a book though, a murder mystery, maybe? Nah, forget it - it'll never sell you're not smart enough.


It seems that Shannon Price is a narcissist or sociopath. Don't always be fooled by those big smiles.


one of the things that struck me most in the 911 tape was the remark that she made, "I have my dog". Is that dog more important than her so called husband. This lady is gulity and is going to get away with it.


i seriously hope she doesnt get his money. she's a very twisted person. i think they need to investigate this. it's not right.

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